Daily Chinese Horoscopes Thursday August 28th 2014

The Goat is in charge today. The Goat is in harmony with the Horse ruling the year, but what does the Monkey ruling the month think about that?


There are times when even your smooth-talking Rat personality can get a bit carried away and speak without thinking. Watch out for any sort of communication hiccups today. Whether somebody says something that is misheard, or whether somebody says something they don’t mean to say, there could easily be a lot of confusion. As long as you are aware of your own speaking and listening, you can avoid getting caught up in problems.

Watch out for people pointing the finger and blaming each other because of an error. Humans make mistakes, yet some humans can find it a lot more difficult to admit to putting a foot wrong than others. If anyone makes a false accusation against you, you know you are going to set the record straight. You are not going to put up with other people playing the blame game.

You are ready to do whatever it takes to sort out a bit of a muddle, even though it wasn’t created by you. What has been making matters worse is the reluctance of others to step forward and do something. You are not going to hang back, even if others are. You are going to roll your sleeves up and sort things out.

You cannot please everybody, even some of the time. Is there any point in trying to win over those who will always refuse to feel pleased, no matter how hard you try? What you can do is pour your efforts into those areas where you know there will be those who are happy with what you do, and will show their appreciation.

You are not going to let other peoples’ negative attitude drag your day down. Could it be that people are making snide remarks because they are feeling envious of some of your accomplishments? You are going to put your best foot forward, regardless of what others might be thinking. If you do what you do, and you do it well, it is not your problem if other people feel unhappy.

Do not be afraid to stand in the spotlight today. There are times when it’s your turn to be centre stage. Getting noticed today will be for all the right reasons. People will applaud you because you have done something worthy. There is no need to hide behind the curtains in the wings when you have reasons to shine.

You know your own mind, yet that does not mean it would be a waste of time for you to listen to what others have to say. When you have an increased understanding that comes from an awareness of other peoples’ opinions, it helps you get even clearer about your own standpoint. Just because you ask others what they think does not mean that you need to change your mind.

Do you feel it could be your lucky day today? Sometimes you can just wake up with the feeling that things will simply go your way. If you are feeling upbeat and positive, isn’t it amazing that your day turns out well? Being able to see the positives in whatever situation you are dealing with will help you feel able to cope with whatever the day throws at you.

If you feel in a distracted mood today, you need to remind yourself of your priorities. There are times when you need to be flexible and to deal with things that come up at the last minute. Today, there are small things demanding your attention, which do not require immediate action. You can let those who are calling on you know that you cannot deal with it straight away. They might not be happy, but you need to stay on track with what you are doing.

There are serious matters to attend to, yet that does not mean you need to take yourself too seriously. Being good-humoured will mean that you will not feel so easily irritated by little things not quite going to plan, and other people’s behaviour. When you behave as if you can handle anything you almost feel that there is nothing that can get in your way today.

Sometimes you simply need to persevere. If you are not seeing any improvements to what you are working on, could it be that you need to allow a little more time before you can see some results? Being patient means you need to wait a while, but you also need to keep doing certain things, as well as biding your time. Keep on going.

You feel like shrugging your shoulders as you take a deep breath. It can be quite exasperating when you are dealing with people who simply do not understand what you are trying to explain. Can you find other words to use to talk about what you find simple but they find difficult? Listen out for the sort of phrases they use to help you tune into their wavelength.