Daily Chinese Horoscopes Sunday November 23rd 2014

The Dog comes in to rule the day and warms up the atmosphere with a the Horse ruling the year.


It’s easy to say that you need to show some kindness to everybody. It’s not so easy to do when certain people are being especially annoying. There is nothing wrong with feeling frustrated when you are dealing with a nuisance, yet you would be taking the moral high ground if you chose not to lose your temper. Keep a cool head.

Be gentle with yourself today. Whilst you might quite like the idea of getting a lot done, you also need to allow yourself time to rest and relax. Your Ox personality is unlikely to forget to do those things that you really need to do. There are some things that you do not need to do today. Come to think of it, you would do a much better job if you were well rested.

Can you spot what you cannot change? There are certain things that you simply need to accept as being the way they are without any sort of expectation that they will be different any time soon. That is not to say things will not change eventually, but it is saying that there is no point in you trying to force certain issues right now.

Sometimes the best sort of help you can get is not anything practical, it’s some wise words. Choose who you turn to today for if you find the right person to talk to you will feel a whole lot better for not finding an exact solution. Being able to accept that a situation is unchanging right now is the best that you can do.

Do you really understand how others see things? Everybody likes to imagine that they are able to look at things from another’s perspective, yet to be able to do so does require some effort. Whilst you may be able to grasp somebody else’s point of view, there’s still some further thinking for you to do in order to understand the situation completely.

Have you felt others have been giving you a bit of a hard time in recent days? You can see that they were not deliberately undermining you; they were simply going about their business which was in conflict with what you are trying to do. Now you can see that certain differences are going to persist, you will find a way of working around them.

What is it that is slowing you down? Sometimes easing the pace is the right thing to do. If you feel you want to dash around and do things today but circumstances and other people are not allowing you to pick up speed, trust that it might be a good idea for you to simply take it easy on a Sunday.

You are not ready to give up. Such a sense of determination is often a virtue. However, at the moment be aware of whether you are sticking with something simply for the sake of not wishing others to see that you are giving up. Think about what would be the right course of action for you, regardless of what others might think.

Are you being optimistic in the face of adversity? There could be those around you who are somewhat pessimistic about a particular outcome. However, your Monkey personality can still see there could be an opportunity emerging from a crisis. Before you tackle such a big challenge, give yourself some time to fully recharge your mind and your body.

Sometimes experience can warn you that it would not be a good idea to continue with something. If you feel the voice of experience is speaking to you about being cautious it is truly worth listening to. Being confident does not mean you have to do everything. Being confident means you are able to make the choices that you think are right at the time without worrying too much about the future.

You do not feel you can do much to help close ones today, yet you can still listen so they can talk about what is bothering them. When you can see that they simply needed to get a few things off their chest you do not even need to worry about giving them advice. A sympathetic ear will be just what is needed.

If you feel suspicious about what certain close ones are doing they might not be up to no good. If they are not quite ready to tell you what they are plotting and planning, you can simply act even more disinterested. They might want to drop a few clues to see if they can get your attention. You are going to wait for them to reveal all.