Daily Chinese Horoscopes Thursday July 28th 2016

It’s a Pig day today and the Pig brings some straight talking when it teams up with the Goat ruling the month.


Whilst you recognise the importance of communication, it seems that the harder you try to convey your message, the greater the misunderstanding. Is there a simpler way that you can put a cross what you’re saying? Ask others more questions. Imagine you’re looking at things from their perspective. What would it take for them to be able to get to grips with your ideas?

You appreciate others being straight with you, yet you’re noticing that some people seem to not say what they really mean. Is there a way that you can get them to be a little more forthright? You need to ask more questions and let them know that you appreciate them speaking out, even if they feel it might not be what you want to hear.

You know that it makes more sense for you to attract others towards you, rather than chase around after them. How can you appear truly alluring? How can you develop those qualities? When you’re aware that you can stand still and draw others towards you, it will be far easier for you. Imagine you’re standing in the shoes of those you want to have around you.

When you’ve got a lot to do, it can be tempting to bury yourself in a flurry of hard work. However, it makes more sense to take a step back and think about who you can get on board to help. Talk about what you’re looking for, and others are far more likely to be able to offer a hand, or they might be able to direct you to somebody else will be able to assist.

Even if you notice others seem to be somewhat pessimistic, you’re going to remain upbeat today. How you experience life is not down purely to the events that happened, it’s about how well you can take things in your stride. Many a time opportunity has arisen out of a setback. Is there a way that you can move forward based on what has happened?

You cannot please all the people all of the time. It’s not even worth your while to think you can please some of the people some of the time. What’s most important is that you do what’s right for you. When you please yourself and you do it with integrity, there will be those who complain.
You can deal with matters and explain to them that’s how things are going to be done.

If you believe that there will be somebody coming in to help at the right time, then you stand a far better chance of being open to that possibility. Look out for those who might be able to help. If you believe that there’s nobody to help, even if somebody were the present themselves to you, you will not pay them enough attention. By keeping positive thoughts in your mind, you will be able to find the right person.

You’re aware that there are some people who simply love to say what you want to hear. It’s important for you to be aware that even though they might say certain things, unless they actually do them they’re not really fulfilling their promise. It might be that you need to issue some gentle reminders in order to prompt them to do what they said they would do.

You’re on the lookout for something new and exciting to do. Before you try too hard to look for something else, maybe you can change your perspective on what you already have and what you’re already doing. Imagine you’re looking at what’s before you today for the first time. Does it make you feel quite excited? When you imagine that you haven’t done what you’re about to do today, you’ll be aware of other ways of making things better.

It already looks as if you’ve got a hectic schedule today. Resist the temptation to think that you need to be dashing around from one place to another. No matter how busy you are, keeping yourself firmly grounded and being with the present, moment by moment, means you will accomplish everything you set out to do today. A cool head and a warm heart will mean that whoever you meet will be simply bowled over by your charisma.

Being mindful of guarding your latest ideas means you think twice about who you share your thoughts with. There are those who naturally want to ask a few questions, yet there are some people who will do so simply to find out what you’ve been up to. You’re not going to be unfriendly, but you can find a way of answering the questions without answering the question.

If you’re facing a situation where you feel unsure of how you got yourself into this place to begin with, then trust that you need to think about whether or not there’s something that you can do to change things. You know you cannot jump into a time machine and travel back in time to change what has already happened. Starting from today what can you do to make things different for tomorrow.