Daily Chinese Horoscopes Sunday April 26th 2015

The Monkey is in charge today. Will the Monkey fill the day with good humour?


There could be a lot of excitement about today’s plans. However, somebody needs to get everything organised in order to put it into action. Unsurprisingly, you find yourself in charge without having to step forward and volunteer. It suits you anyway, for then you can get everyone to go along in a fashion that suits you.

A close one seems a little too proud to ask for help. You have spotted that they are struggling, yet you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable. You can drop a few hints and let them know that you are on hand to talk. Opening up a discussion about what is going on in each other’s lives could lead the conversation to what they need to talk about.

A minor matter can easily turn into a big deal, if you allow it to. Be mindful when a big fuss is being made by you, or by somebody else, over something that does not warrant so much effort and emotion. There could be some tension in the air, yet if you avoid acting in haste there is no need to argue.

If a close one is not being particularly sensitive to somebody else you might find yourself being the one to be asked to sort out their differences. Whilst nobody is being deliberately thoughtless, they still need to be aware of the consequences of their actions. You might feel it’s not your duty to sort out this matter, yet you can still play an instrumental role in leading others to figure out what would be best.

The Monkey ruling the day can nudge you towards feeling a little mischievous. Whilst it’s a good idea to have fun on a Sunday, be mindful that you also consider other people’s feelings. It might not be the best day for playing a practical joke. Channel your creative spark and sense of fun into doing something constructive that does not disrupt other’s sense of peace and calm.

When a close one confides in you, they can usually rely on you for some good advice. You can offer words of wisdom, yet you are mindful that you do not wish to start fixing others’ problems for them. Encourage them to stand on their own two feet to do a few things for themselves. Maybe they can talk to you more once they have made some progress.

There seems to be rather a lot on your mind today. You are thinking ahead about new possibilities, yet you could find that you benefit from switching off for a while. Allowing yourself to unwind will mean that you can come up with a lot more ideas when you do focus on what is ahead. Choose to purposefully not think too much, for today.

Can you put your sense of humour to good use when something turns into a mishap? Borrow some of the light-heartedness of the Monkey ruling the day to help you remain unfazed by little things going wrong. You do have the wherewithal to sort things out.  Dealing with life’s little challenges is best done when you are feeling positive.

A close one should not be doing something and you know they know that. You are aware that if you tell them not to do something they might not pay attention. If anything, they are likely to rebel. Perhaps, you simply need to have an amusing conversation talking about all the times in your life when you only realised after the event that something was not such a good idea.

Certain matters are not nearly as complicated when you look at them again. When you can see that there is no reason for you to worry you can allow yourself to relax and enjoy the day. Trust that you are strong enough to move through all the challenges that you are going to encounter in the coming days.

Allowing extra time always sounds like a good idea, yet the extra time you have allowed seems to have somehow slipped away. Trust that you will be able to get to where you want to be, in the time available. Consider it wise to have allowed some extra in the beginning, but now you need to think about how you can pick up speed.

There are those around you who seem to be caught up in a petty dispute. You are not really in the mood to get involved. Nevertheless, somebody might attempt to drag you in because they feel you would make a good referee. You could point out they will be able to sort things out in a nice manner amongst themselves.