Daily Chinese Horoscopes Friday October 24th 2014

The Dragon takes charge today and clashes with the Dog ruling the month. Watch out for fractious moments on a Friday.


You are rather keen to avoid getting involved in other peoples’ disputes and will do what you can to stay out of their arguments. That does not stop them from creating chaos around you. What you can do is drop some hints about how silly it is to argue over petty things when everybody could make an effort to get along.

You are not keen to give unsolicited advice, yet if you do not say anything certain people are going to carry on being foolish. Since they cannot see where they have gone wrong, you really need to point a few things out in a pleasant manner. Warn them that they are not going to like what you say, but they might find it useful.

Be wary of getting swamped with unnecessary information. There could be those who simply think they are helping by giving you all the details. However, you would be better off not wading through lots of facts and figures which have little bearing on what you are trying to do. What you can do is to ask them for a few important facts.

By not drawing too much attention to yourself you can avoid others scrutinising what you are doing. Letting others underestimate you is a sound tactic. Keeping what you are doing private until the moment is right for you to unveil it is far easier without other people showing an interest. You know how smart it is not to blow your own horn.

Be wary of trying too hard to impress others. You could find there are people around you who are not in a very receptive mood today. Whilst you need not be worried about other people’s negative thinking, you do need to be aware that it’s not going to be so easy for you to create a good impression. Maybe you need to give others some time to get to know you? Be patient when it comes to building rapport.

How can you tell if somebody is truly trustworthy? Sometimes you need to allow time to pass before you can see somebody’s true colours. Do not feel you need to rush things. Trust enough to give others a chance to show you what they can do. By thinking well of people, you can also go about your day in an optimistic mood.

Do not let what has happened in the past affect how you approach your future. Whilst you can certainly draw upon your experiences, you can use those lessons in a positive manner. Trust that by remaining confident you can spot how you can make things better, despite any disruptions that are going on around you today.

Sometimes compromises sound good in theory but would not really work in practice. Rather than make a compromise which would be difficult to keep, it would be preferable for you to state exactly what you think. There could be good reasons as to why you feel it’s better not to force differing parties to try to come together. Make those reasons known.

On the one hand, you are rather amused by the antics of certain people. On the other hand, you are wondering if they realise they are annoying those around them. Since you cannot really change their eccentric behaviour you need to make them aware of how they are impacting others. Be a little bold in stating what you notice.

Is there something you are doing which you already feel you might not stick with later? Whilst you might be tempted to think that there are certain things you need to stick with, is there any point in holding on to something you don’t really believe in? Others might talk about you changing your mind, but surely you are not going to let gossip prevent you from doing what you feel would be right.

Make an effort to remain cordial when handling disagreements. Talk about how you see things without trying to change somebody else’s mind. When they can see you are being sincere with what you are saying they will respect your point of view. Even if others do not agree with how you see things, they will not react unkindly.

When you ask a few probing questions there might be those who reveal that their difficulties are not really quite as challenging as you first thought. Whilst it might be true that things are not exactly easy for them at the moment, you do feel they have been over-playing things to elicit sympathy.  You are not going to fall for such tricks.