Daily Chinese Horoscopes Wednesday May 27th 2015

It’s a Rabbit day today and the gentle energies of the Rabbit will help everybody be a little charming.


There are some ideas which do not seem brilliant to begin with, yet as you explore them with others you find they could prove to be quite fruitful. Talking things through can be quite exciting as you notice more and more possibilities. Be willing to test out a few things and see what results you can get. Some ideas will work far better than others.

Be tactful yet honest about how somebody is handling a matter. You can see things that are difficult for them to spot, because they are too close to the situation. By gently pointing out a few things to help them see the bigger picture, they will see how their own role has affected the situation. They can understand the point you are making without getting upset.

If you are frowning at what seems to be a complicated situation that is no surprise. You can easily feel weighed down by all the difficulties that are before you, yet the challenges before you are not insurmountable. Sometimes, you need to step away and feel a bit lighter before you can come back and see things a lot more clearly.

You have been talking about making changes for some time without actually doing a great deal. Are you ready to take that next step forward and make something happen? Things are not going to change without your intervention. There is no need to try to do everything straight away. Think carefully, about how you can move forwards gradually, step by step.

Accept that some things are beyond your control. You were rather hoping that a decision would go in your favour, yet there is not much you can do to persuade others to change their minds. Accepting things the way they are will help you think about what you can do in the days to come. Knowing exactly where you stand means you can move forwards with confidence.

A thorough analysis of a situation might not reveal anything different, from what you have already observed. Since there is nothing hidden, there’s no need for you to keep probing, simply take things at face value. Trust that there are times when things really are what they appear to be. Let go of conspiracy theories and be open-minded about positive signs.

The Rabbit can help you be quite polished in what you say to new people you meet today. There are those that you will naturally get along well with, and others who are somewhat more difficult. How can you woo and win those who are a little awkward? Make an effort to be even more charming to those who are tricky characters.

If you feel you have to put in a lot of effort to communicate with somebody you might wonder what would happen if you didn’t try so hard. Sometimes when you leave a gap, the other person needs to come forwards in order to bridge it. Give them the opportunity to make some effort on their side by leaving things up to them.

Make sure you help others in such a way that they do not feel inadequate. Encourage them to believe that they can sort out matters by themselves, in the current circumstances and in future. It’s a wise way to handle others, and it boosts their confidence. Even if they do not say a great deal today, they will remember your kindness.

On a Rabbit day, like today, you can easily get upset with what somebody else has said. Before you get too annoyed ask them what they really mean. It gives them an opportunity to think about their own behaviour. It might be they had no ill intentions, but were just simply being rather thoughtless. Why take offence at that?

If you find yourself feeling extra sensitive today, it might be not such a great idea to have to deal with difficult people. You cannot hide or run away or avoid them forever. You can suggest that they go away and think about a few things before they come back to you. When you are feeling a little stronger you won’t find them nearly as difficult.

When you have become used to seeing things in a particular way it does take somebody else to point out something obvious. When you keep looking at the same thing every day, you can easily become oblivious to some things. Do not be afraid to ask others for their opinions. You do not need to agree with them completely, but they could make an observation that you are too close to notice.