Daily Chinese Horoscopes Sunday February 7th 2016

It’s the day before the lunar New Year. Celebrations around the world to welcome in the year of the Monkey all start taking place today. It’s Goat day today.


You could make a new start with the new moon that is arriving tomorrow. This time of year a lot of people are filled with enthusiasm for doing things differently, yet by February that eagerness has sometimes waned. If there’s something you really feel is the right thing for you to do, then keep going. Make a fresh start and plan ahead for the rest of the month. The solar Monkey year is has already started, yet you can lift your spirits by joining in with welcoming the Monkey new moon.

When it’s time to celebrate the lunar New Year, you’re not going to be paying too much attention to any sort of petty dispute. On a Goat day, like today, there could still be some little pockets of tension. However, you’re going to be generous in spirit and forgive any minor transgressions. By adopting an upbeat attitude, you can really enjoy a happy Sunday.

You can start having a little celebration for the Monkey year! The Monkey usually brings changes for your Tiger personality. Fortunately, you welcome new things coming into your life. At the same time, what’s on your mind is how old things need to be dealt with. What do you want to embrace in the year of the Monkey? Just as you make room for what’s new to come in, old things will gradually fade away.

There are many reasons to be cheerful! Even if you feel that recent days and weeks have brought you a lot of challenges, think about how you have overcome them. There’s a part of you that likes to have an easy and hassle free time; and there’s another part of you that understands about dealing with difficulties. On a Goat day like today remind yourself of where you can find helping hands.

Dancing dragons are part of the new year celebrations. This doesn’t mean that you will be dancing in the street! However, if that’s what you feel like doing then why not? The day can bring you moments when you can really feel the joy that’s in the air. Make the most of your positive mood to do what feels good for you.

Are you getting ready for a lucky New Year? With the Monkey New Year comes fresh energies. When you are ready for making a new start, you will feel excited at the possibilities that are store for you. Welcome in the new luck that’s coming with the new moon. Could you be holding your own special celebration?

Get together with friends and family and enjoy your Sunday. There is something special about today because it’s the Monkey new moon. When it’s a new moon, it’s the right time to plant some new ideas. Don’t be in too much of a rush to make things happen. Think about how you can carefully prepare for a fabulous year ahead with the Monkey.

An on-going saga can be taken care of, for good, when you get the right sort of advice. it’s a tricky dilemma that you’ve been facing, and it’s not going to be easy to make a decision. There’s still time for you to consider all the implications. By not rushing into things, or being in a resigned mood, you can reach a sensible conclusion step-by-step.

Do you feel as if you don’t have enough time for yourself? Your Monkey personality likes to keep busy. Relish the opportunity to do as many different things as you can. You can choose to take it easy, as well! Even though there is a celebration for the New Year, you can enjoy the festivities in a relaxed mood.

Would you like to make a new year wish? It’s that time of year when resolutions made at the start of January have often fallen by the wayside. It’s another new year, it’s another opportunity to take a fresh look at what’s likely to be a worthwhile pursuit for the year ahead. What do you want to achieve in the year of the Monkey?

It’s the eve of the lunar monkey year! Is it time for you to be open to new possibilities? Are there old feelings you want to shake off? Be aware that you can choose to be in a happy mood. Other people only irritate you because you let them. Think about making a fresh start with the cycle of the new moon starting right now.

Are there going to be some surprises for you in the coming days? A new year brings a whole set of new energies. Still, it’s up to you to make the most of what lies ahead, and go after what you want. When you can see that the year of the Monkey is full of promise, you can start the following week in an upbeat mood.