Daily Chinese Horoscopes Thursday December 18th 2014

The Pig comes in to take charge of today. Will the Pig bring in a no-nonsense atmosphere?


At this time of year there is a lot of social competitiveness going on. Be wary of getting caught up in pointless contests over trivial matters. Even if others try to draw you into their drama, you can choose to ignore their boastfulness and resist the temptation to tell them just how brilliant you are. It could be more interesting to listen to what others have to say.

Have you found a way of avoiding making last-minute changes? There have been those who have been pressing for some sort of reorganising of activities and people. You have managed to deftly sidestep what they are asking for by coming up with alternatives. You might find you need to be a little firmer today about what can and cannot be done.

You are keen to have a heart-to-heart with somebody, yet you are struggling to gauge if they will open up to you. Instead of thinking about how the other party might respond, ask yourself if you are in a completely calm mood. If you feel there are still some emotions you need to process, it might be wise to wait until your head is feeling quite cool before to initiate a delicate conversation.

You are aware that somebody might be upset with a choice you are about to make, yet you have decided on the basis of being true to yourself. As long as you understand that it will not be easy for them to deal with the direction you are heading in, you can listen to what they have to say. Help them see that if there are any changes they might want to consider to help them also move forwards.

You are wondering if others really need to be quite so dramatic. You can understand that they might be excited, yet is it also the case that they are being rather overly optimistic? You can help them see matters in a more realistic light. You are not going to be some sort of wet blanket, but you are going to help them manage their expectations so that they will not be disappointed later on.

It’s not your style to deal with contentious issues by confronting the other party head on. However, you have come to realise that all the subtle manoeuvring you have been doing recently has got you nowhere. Since you do not wish to waste any more time you are going to be quite forthright in putting things forward. You might find that they rather like this approach, even though there is disagreement about what you say.

A passing comment by somebody makes you realise you have been paying a lot of attention to the facts and not really tuning in to your own feelings. Now that you are aware you need to pay attention to what feels right to you, as opposed to how facts and figures stack up, you will begin to see why certain next steps simply did not feel right. You have the chance to do what you instinctively know to be a sensible manoeuvre.

You have been convinced you were right and others were trying to persuade you otherwise. Now that recent events have revealed you were thinking along the right tracks, do not feel you need to point this out to others. By being diplomatic in how you deal with them they will find it easier to accept what you say next time.

More often than not you are the first one to notice new and fascinating ideas. At the moment you are wondering if you have missed something because others are talking about things you have not heard of. Trust that you do not need to be the first to know, in order to be able to take hold of something new and fascinating.

It can be quite frustrating for your Rooster personality to deal with those who are not able to look into the details. Whilst you might feel it is not worth your time and effort to explain the minutiae to them, you will be glad that you did because they will then begin to understand what you are looking to achieve.

Sometimes giving up is the right thing to do. Do not tell yourself you are a failure because you cannot stick with your plans. There is no point in carrying on with something purely for the sake of not wishing to let others see you are giving up. Sometimes you need to let go of one thing in order to create the space for something better to come into your life.

No matter how many times somebody asks you, you can still choose not to tell them something that is, strictly speaking, none of their business. You can even question them back to find out how much they know. When they are the ones being put under inquisition it will make them realise what it feels like to be on the receiving end of some nonstop questions. It will make them think twice before they ask you again.