Daily Chinese Horoscopes Friday September 19th 2014

The Snake slides in to rule the day. Will the Snake bring an air of sophistication to the start of the weekend?


There have been times when, even though you are in the room, your mind is wandering about elsewhere. There could be good reasons for you wishing to escape the practicalities of what is going on. However, wandering around in your own fantasy world is not going to bring you a solution. You need to roll your sleeves up and sort a few things out.

When you encounter the Snake ruling the day and the Rooster ruling the month, your Ox personality can soon cut through all the irrelevancies. Be careful not to throw out those things which could be meaningful for you along with what you wish to discard. Take some time to think carefully over everything you are considering keeping and letting go of in your life.

Whatever tricky challenge you are dealing with at the moment, you will gain something helpful once the matter is over. Trust that you will be able to figure out what to do as you go along. Once you get things back on track you will see that the setback is only temporary.  Even if you are in the midst of the setback you can still choose to see it as being temporary.

Sometimes working towards something worthwhile can make you feel an immense sense of satisfaction. Although you might not see the results straight away, trusting that every day you will make some sort of improvement will help you feel that you are making progress.  Some days you will notice that you achieve more than others. Do not expect too much of yourself today.

Luck does not always make its presence apparent. There are times when you only realise that luck is with you after the event. Instead of wondering where and when you will meet luck, make a bit of luck for yourself.  If you are working hard and staying focused on what you need to do today you will make it feel like it’s your lucky day.

Ignoring matters is not going to make them go away, nor is it going to lead to any sort of improvement in a tricky situation. Be honest about what you need to deal with instead of pretending it doesn’t exist. Once you get over the discomfort of acknowledging there is a problem, you are already well on the way to solving it.

You are fully aware that there is no point in agreeing to something that you are really not that keen on. Let others know that you are not really in a position to say yes, without them feeling rejected by talking about why you do not feel something is right for you. There could be somebody else who might appreciate what they are proposing. Point them in that direction.

When you have time on your hands there is hardly ever any sort of delay. When you are in a rush and you need to do things, it’s as if delays can sense your haste and turn up to spoil your day. Whilst delays can be frustrating, since there is not much you can do about them, all you can do is make the most of the waiting time by doing something else.

Do you appreciate what you already have in your life? Looking ahead and making plans for the future is a good thing, yet you also need to look at what you have right here, right now. Happiness is not something you need to go after. Happiness is something you need to surround yourself with and it begins with liking what you have.

Turn your attention to what you need to do to put things right today, rather than dwelling on how things went wrong. Forgive yourself for any sort of mistake. After all, you are only human and humans make mistakes. By not making a big deal of a small error you can give more time and attention to putting things right.

Somebody might not be attempting to mislead you with what they are saying; they might not have the full facts themselves. Whilst you are convinced that you are searching for the truth, there could be lots of different shades of truth from different points of view. Do not feel that there is only one absolute truth when things are not completely clear-cut.

If there are delicate matters to discuss, then today might not be the best day to do it. It’s easy for you to fall out with others on a Snake day like today. Therefore, making a special effort to stay calm, even when others are agitated, will mean you can avoid getting yourself all hot and bothered. If others do bring controversial matters to you, ask them to think a bit more about it before coming back to you next week.