Daily Chinese Horoscopes Friday October 31st 2014

It’s the last day of October and it’s a Pig day. It’s still going to be Dog month for a few more days.


It might be time for some people to put their cards on the table. It seems that various individuals have been playing their cards close to their chests. Whilst it seems that this has been necessary, you have now reached the point where really it would be in everyone’s interest to be a little more open. You can take the lead in asking others if they want to share information.

Whilst you are not adverse to adjusting arrangements, you do feel that there is not much point in changing something only for it to change again next week. Hold off instigating new arrangements until you fully understand what is involved. If others do not like the uncertainty, explain that you do not want to go back and forth.

Whilst you are happy to listen to other people’s problems, you need to make sure they do not expect you to fix what has gone wrong for them. By all means offer some kindly advice. Make it clear that they are the ones who need to act on it and you are not really going to do something which they should do for themselves.

Your Rabbit personality does not like saying no, yet it would be a mistake for you to agree to something today knowing that it’s not something you really want to do. Be straightforward about what you think is right for you. When others understand that including you would not be a good fit they might see there is no point in even asking.

When it’s clear to you that things are not going your way you need to stop and take stock. Instead of trying too hard to manoeuvre the situation, think about whether or not you need to change direction. It might be that a setback is only temporary. You can only get a clear idea if you stop in your tracks and examine matters carefully.

It seems as if confrontational people are coming to find you today, even though you are not in the mood to do battle. Whilst you can choose not to say too much, you know that it would not be such a good idea to let others get the wrong idea. Say enough to make sure they understand your position without you having to expend too much energy arguing.

You have been galloping through the week doing lots of different things. Are there some important things you still need to attend to? You cannot possibly do everything you want to do in one day. Figure out what can wait and leave those things until next week. There are some important things you need to catch up on today.

There are those around you who have a far more limited view of what you are doing together. When you can see they are not looking as far ahead as you, you can explain why certain things need to be done, even though they do not bring immediate results. When you can help others expand their view of the situation you will find that it’s much easier to get everyone moving along at the same pace.

When you feel others are giving you lots of reasons for not doing something it automatically makes you think it would be a good idea to do just that. Whilst it’s positive to trust your instincts and go your own way, make sure you are not trying too hard to be different. Do something differently because you know that is what you truly want to do.

Reaching out and asking others for advice is a wise thing to do. Why then are you concerned that others would think you are not very smart if you need to ask questions? Those who are truly strong are not afraid of what others might think as they seek to get the best advice. Finding the right answers is a smart thing to do.

Sometimes you simply need to take your time. However, there are times when taking your time amounts to procrastination. So should you do something or not, today? If it’s something you have been meaning to do for a while and you are certain it’s what you want to do then simply make it happen. If, on the other hand, you are not sure if something is right for you then allow yourself some time to really think carefully about it.

Everyone wants an instant solution, yet an instant solution is not available today. Be a little patient if you have not quite solved a problem. You know you are not looking for a quick fix; you are looking for something that will be effective in the long run. Since you are not going to come up with a complete answer today, you can allow yourself some time to find the best way out.