Daily Chinese Horoscopes Friday November 28th 2014

It’s a Rabbit day today. The Rabbit is friendly with the Pig ruling the month. Could there be a congenial atmosphere on a Friday?


Whilst you love to give advice, resist the temptation to share your thoughts with others when they have not asked. It could be that they have already thought about what you can see and they might not really appreciate you stealing their thunder. Be ready and willing to say what you think the moment they put a question to you, but not before.

Somebody seems intent on finding out about something, which you consider to be strictly none of their business. You cannot prevent them from asking, yet they are not going to get any information out of you today. Ask them why they feel the need to know. They might find that since they are not going to extract any information from you that they will go and try somebody else.

You do not want to create a tense atmosphere on a Friday, yet you could find that there are those around you who are really quite wound up. Be warm and cordial towards them, for you cannot really know exactly what is on their mind. They could have stresses and hassles, which they find difficult to handle, and even more difficult to discuss openly.

Would it be a good idea to make a solid commitment? It would if it’s something you want to do and you know you can stick to it. If you are unsure then make it clear that you are not saying yes. Your Rabbit personality may believe that it’s better to be nice to people, but you need to be mindful that you are not making promises you cannot hope to keep.

Circumstances have changed quite quickly. This makes it difficult to plan too far ahead. However, if you don’t have a plan then the constantly shifting sands could carry you in any direction. Think about the goal you want to achieve in the long run and if you have to take a step back before you can step forwards again, that could be the right thing to do. Keep in mind where you want to be in the long term.

Should you give up or should you persist? Your Snake personality can sometimes be hesitant about whether or not you should remain determined when you are dealing with a tricky situation. Trust that you will eventually find a solution. It’s not that you need to give up; it’s simply that you need to give yourself a bit of a break before you come back to finding the answer.

Now that you understand others a bit better you can see that it is worth your while to really talk to them about how you see things. As well as you understanding their point of view, you need to be able to help them imagine what it feels like to be standing in your shoes. Share some insights on what happens from your perspective.

Talking matters over with someone you trust will leave you feeling a lot lighter. Even if you do not figure out exactly what you need to do, you will feel that there is somebody who understands and who is there to offer you moral support when a situation is tricky. Those you confide in will feel good about you turning to them.

Do all the figures add up correctly? There might be some little mistake somewhere. There is no need to feel too put out because something has gone wrong, you can easily sort out the mistake. If anything, catching an error has made you more alert about how you examine the figures in future. It’s only human to make an error every now and then.

You might have thought that avoiding having an argument was a good idea, yet you are now having a change of heart. However, the situation has not gone away by itself and you feel the pressing need to say something. It is a good idea to put things out in the open, yet you can express yourself calmly without losing your temper.

Is it time to make a change in one area of your life? When you think about how you might have changed in recent months you can begin to see that there are some things that do not seem to fit with how you want to live your life at the moment. Change can be scary, but if you are the one in the driving seat you do have some control.

Is there somebody you need to pat on the back? If somebody has walked the extra mile and gone beyond what is normally expected you need to give them some acknowledgment. By praising somebody and making their day you can also feel a huge sense of satisfaction. Sincere kind words can work a lot of magic.