Daily Chinese Horoscopes Sunday January 25th 2015

It’s an Ox day today in Ox month. When there are double Oxen about, it could be quite a down to earth day.


Be circumspect about charging ahead with something. Take some time today to reflect if you are getting ready to run through the right door. If you feel that recently you have encountered a door that is firmly shut that is a clear sign. Think about how in the coming days you can find a door that swings easily open for you.

When it comes to talking to others and getting them to see things your way you need to be a little brave in how you put your ideas forward. If you act as if others are going to like your ideas anyway, they will like your confident manner and feel it is worth their while to follow what you are saying.

Are you being truly optimistic, or are you merely acting as if you are feeling optimistic in order to try to convince others? Those who know you well will soon see that you have some doubts beneath the surface. By talking about what is bothering you, you will actually be able to get a more realistic view and feel positive about the coming days.

If there are certain close ones who are rushing around, and who are doing lots of activities you might choose not to join them in everything. Your Rabbit personality does need time to rest and relax, and simply do nothing. Allow yourself to enjoy a leisurely day no matter what others are up to. Let them know that they can have a lot of fun without you.

Are you still thinking about an opportunity you feel you have missed? Trust that what is truly meant to be yours will come to you eventually. Those things which are not right for you can sometimes simply slip away. There is not much to be gained by dwelling on what might have been. Switch your mind to new possibilities.

If you feel that a close one is not being entirely honest then you need to drop a few hints about what you think they might know. When they can spot that you have suspicions about how much they know, they might well choose to tell you the whole story. Sometimes your Snake personality is asking questions because you already know the answer.

Have you spent enough time with your nearest and dearest recently? If life has been hectic, the double Oxen energy of today will nudge you towards slowing down. Being surrounded by good company will lift your spirits and it will remind you that what is truly valuable in life are the bonds you share with those who mean the most to you.

Is your mind still busy thinking? It might be that it’s difficult for you not to think about certain things. The harder you try to push something out of your mind the more it persists. Maybe instead of trying to stop yourself thinking about something you need to keep yourself busy doing something you enjoy on a Sunday. Allowing yourself to relax is not a luxury today, it’s a necessity.

Is a close one being deliberately provocative to see what sort of reaction they can get from you? When you are aware that you have no wish to lose your temper you can take a deep breath before you gently explain how you see things differently. When they realise you are not going to blow your top they will be a little calmer themselves and you might even talk things through.

Have you been thinking about getting a tighter grip on finances? Are there some expenses you can cut back on? Whilst it’s a good idea to be on top of money matters, there is no need to hold on all your notes and coins too tightly. Give yourself some room to manoeuvre when it comes to exercising your purchasing power.

Even though somebody is expecting you to agree to something, you know that it’s better to tell them straight away you are not going to say yes. Explain why you think that is the right decision. It might not be what they want to hear, yet it will not actually be a good idea to agree to something you do not feel happy about.

Is it the case that you have become so used to a particular problem that when a solution becomes apparent you feel reluctant to follow through? There can be a strange sort of comfort from staying stuck. Trust that if you do have this spot of bother removed from your life you will soon feel happier when you get used to the change for the better.