Daily Chinese Horoscopes Saturday August 29th 2015

The Ox comes in to rule today. Will the Ox bring a practical perspective to the weekend?


You know you cannot change the past, yet at the same time what has happened before does colour your view of the world today. If you are feeling suspicious you might have reason to because of what has happened before. What has happened before can prompt you to be more alert. Remember to examine the current situation, as it is without too much prejudice.

Some people simply love to complain. If close ones are grumbling about something could it be a way of seeking attention? Ask them to explain what they would like you to do about their lack of satisfaction. When they can see that you cannot change things, they will realise they need to learn to accept that they are not always going to have things their way in life.

Certain close ones are showing hesitancy about a new adventure. You know that if you were standing in their shoes you would be raring to go. You can of course encourage them to do just that. However, there might be grounds for them to feel doubtful. When you can find out what those are you can help them decide whether to pursue something or to think twice.

You are aware that a close one wants to confide in you. Be prepared to listen without judging their behaviour. They are probably already aware that they did not handle a situation in the best manner possible. That is the reason why they need to talk to you. You can help them see how they can grow and learn from their experience.

If you feel that others have been making more progress than you recently you want to think about how you can race ahead. Do you really need to compete in this way? When you can recognise that you have your own unique talents there is no need for you to compare yourself favourably or unfavourably against others. Trust that your turn to shine will come.

When you talk about what has been bothering you in recent days it soon becomes apparent that close ones see the situation a little differently. They have a more practical stance and when you listen to their point of view you can begin to see there is no need to overthink or overanalyse. There is something that you can do next week to improve the situation.

How do you feel about your recent successes? Your Horse personality is ready to climb the next mountain as soon as you have come down after reaching one summit. Remember that you can still feel satisfied with your efforts and then move on to a new challenge. Do not feel you have to always be chasing after something. Look back and feel proud of what you have accomplished.

When you notice that certain close ones are showing the worst side of their personality your first thought is to step out of the way and avoid them. However, they might be simply behaving badly because they want to get your attention. Take some time to talk to them to find out what is actually bothering them. It might be they found it too difficult to start the conversation.

You were rather hoping that you would be flying along with what you are doing by this point. Because events have not unfolded as quickly as you had wished, you might feel a little disheartened. See any setbacks as being temporary. Sometimes you need to pause and rethink before you start again. Trust that you will be able to pick up speed next week. Meanwhile, allow yourself to recharge over the weekend.

Your detailed approach to things at home might not be welcomed by certain close ones today. You can point out to them that somebody needs to take care of the details. Would they much rather handle things themselves instead of you? When they realise that you are doing things they would rather not do, they will start to appreciate the difference you can make.

When it comes to meeting new people you do make an effort to treat everybody warmly. If you feel that certain people are being a little competitive there is no need to join in. Not everything in life is a contest, and you can choose not to play the game of one-upmanship. You can show that you can be relaxed around every type of personality.

Since you have already spotted that certain people are attempting to manoeuvre you into doing things their way, you are not going to play into their hands. You can let them think that you are going along with them when in fact you have completely different ideas. It will be a surprise to them when they find out that they have not been able to manipulate you in any way.