Daily Chinese Horoscopes Thursday April 24th

The Ox trots in today and brings a steadying influence to the day’s proceedings.

Although you do have some clever manoeuvres, it might be better to keep things simple today. There is a risk in that you could overcomplicate things. If you adopt a down-to-earth approach, you could find you make good progress.  It may still be necessary to do some fine-tuning and you can think on your feet if anything crops up at the last minute.

Even if others are asking you very nicely, if you feel you cannot do something today you need to explain why. Let them know it’s better for you not to commit to something knowing that you cannot deliver. They might not be happy about this, yet they will appreciate your honesty. If you can help out later on, let them know when and what you can commit to.

You are aware that somebody else is under a bit of pressure, yet you do not need to get dragged into any sort of drama. The best you can do is to help everyone not be quite so tense about matters. When everyone is a little relaxed, people can begin to see there are possible solutions, which can be reached eventually.

As it’s approaching the end of the month it’s time to tot up your outgoings, especially if you feel you have been putting your hand in your pocket rather frequently this month. There are times when you need to check how much you have been exercising your purchasing power and see if it might be time to tighten the purse strings.

You can easily feel overwhelmed when you are faced with dealing with what seems like a huge mission. It’s important to find the best place to start. Instead of thinking about how much you need to do, think about how you can break things down into lots of little chunks that you can easily handle. By breaking something big into convenient bite sizes you will soon chew your way through to the end.

You always like the idea of being thoroughly organised, yet when you look around you today you know there could be some tidying up that would be very helpful. At the same time you feel there are things you need to do straight away. It can help you keep a clear mind if your physical surroundings are orderly. It’s worth doing a quick clear out to help you be more productive.

Somebody is being rather annoying and you can feel you are starting to get a bit hot and bothered. No matter how awkward the character you are dealing with, you are in charge of your own emotional climate and you can stay cool. Just think to yourself that losing your temper would be giving them the response they were trying to elicit. You are not going to do that.

You are quite capable of negotiating a good deal, yet the mood you find yourself in today means that you need to be careful not to get drawn into a futile argument. If there is an opportunity to do so, see if you can leave some matters to be discussed on another day. You could find that you are able to reach an agreement more easily, when the energies of the day are more supportive for you.

What seemed like an easy problem to solve is now proving to be rather time-consuming. You know you cannot back out of things now, and that it’s important for you to resolve matters. Even if you cannot sort out everything by the end of the day, you can do what it takes to get things heading in the right direction.

It would certainly help if you could have more hands on deck. Do not expect others to know exactly what you need and when, and to turn up out of the blue. What you need to do is go and see if you can find some people to help you. Be prepared to look in places you would not normally look.

Do not feel you have to go along with everything others say. They might have some good points about certain things, yet if you feel that some ideas are not right for you there is no need for you to follow them. Let them know how you see things, for you could be pointing out something that they are not aware of.

It feels as if others are not very keen on your ideas, yet you feel you need to push them forwards. Do not see it that others are deliberately obstructing your way. They could have noticed certain things you haven’t noticed. It’s worth discussing matters with them, for their lack of support could actually prove to be helpful to you in making sure you have everything in place before you take matters any further.