Daily Chinese Horoscopes Sunday February 19

The Ox comes in to take charge and brings a practical slant to the day.


Did you give clear instructions? If a close one didn’t quite do something in the way you asked, was it because you didn’t make it clear what you wanted. It might be that you need to show and tell so that there are no misunderstandings about what you mean. Borrow some of the practical nature of the Ox ruling the day to help you explain,

Are you paying far too much attention to something that is trivial? You don’t have to go along with any sort of small mindedness. Choose to let go of a minor irritation and turn your attention to something far more worthwhile. If close ones persist with a matter, you can choose to change the subject. There are other things which you want to talk about.

Today, you come to realise that toning down some of your initial over-exuberance will lead to you rethink your strategy. Perhaps, you were not heading in quite the right direction. You might even have been attempting to go too fast and slowing down a little will serve you well. Take some time to relax and unwind today so that you can be ready to go again.

Is one area of your life getting too much of your time and effort at the expense of another? Today you might want to reassess your priorities. Make choices based on what you want for the future rather than what happened in the past. Just because you’ve developed a pattern with how you spend your time recently does not mean that this is what you need to do in the weeks ahead.

A close one might be asking for some advice in a roundabout way. See if you can lead the conversation to a place where they will want to ask you more directly. They might not appreciate the pearls of wisdom you’re dispensing if you scatter them around. When you have a meaningful conversation, you’ll see that they can make use of the wisdom you offer.

Will short term pain lead to a long term gain? You cannot know the outcome of anything if you do not even get started. You have to push yourself to overcome some challenges in order to find out. Before you forge ahead, see if you can elicit some moral support from your circle of family and friends. They can help you see your situation more clearly.

Today, it’s time for you to contemplate how to best spend your time. You have some important goals for work or for leisure.  You need to make sure you’re not distracted by dealing with other trivial matters. If you have been quite hectic in recent days, today is the day to make a new plan, and to juggle your schedule for the coming week.

You thought that the fuss had died down, yet someone brings up an old matter again. It can push your buttons that this matter is still being discussed. You can choose not to join in with any sort of exchange. You don’t want to go over old ground again. Personality clashes happen from time to time.

Your independent Monkey spirit tends to think you can manage by yourself.  There are certain tricky matters which you’re dealing with at the moment, where you can benefit from the wisdom of those who have had more experience. Reach out to get some guidance. You’ll still figure it out by yourself in the end, yet you’ll be better informed.

With circumstances changing so rapidly your plans also need to adapt. There’s no point in trying to pull together what is old and outdated and trying to make it work. Instead, turn your attention to how you can make the most of what is new and happening. See it as an opportunity for you to experiment and put together an even better plan.

You spot that close ones are persisting in walking down the wrong path because of a lack of self-awareness. It’s easier for you to see because they’re too close to the situation. You can help them by talking about what they’re doing and who they’re being. When they notice that being different means they behave positively, you have done your bit, for you’ve helped them make a turn and head in the right direction.

Make sure you plug any gaps in your knowledge before you speak out. Have you got a complete understanding of a situation? By being fully informed, nobody can pick holes in what you say.
Your forthright nature means you’ll be quite firm about your message, so it’s important that you get your understanding up to date.