Daily Chinese Horoscopes Saturday November 28th 2015

It’s a Monkey day today. Will the Monkey bring some mischief to the weekend?


On a Monkey day, like today, you are reminded of the importance of friendship. Sometimes friends come and go in life, yet if somebody is meant to share only a portion of your journey with you it’s natural for them to fade away. Trust that those who are meant to be in your life are here for you right now.

If a close one is not taking a matter quite as seriously as you are, you want to find out why. Have a quiet chat with them. Could it be they don’t understand the implications which are apparent to you? When you explain things from your point of view you can help them see why they need to re-examine things a lot more thoughtfully.

On a Monkey day, like today, it would not be a surprise if you had a personality clash. You cannot change how somebody else conducts themselves, although you can change how you respond to them. If you feel their behaviour is rather annoying then choosing to respond differently means at least you will feel a little bit more in control.

There have been some practical matters, which have been calling for your attention for some time. Whenever you have got round to dealing with these issues you have been distracted by close ones with other more pressing matters. Today, you can finally get the chance to clear up all those little chores that have been waiting around for you. You can feel a huge sense of accomplishment once they are done and dusted.

Because you value a relationship, you feel it’s necessary to put in some extra effort to iron out a misunderstanding. Even though you know that the other person didn’t do everything right, there is no need to go over old ground again. Instead, look ahead. Think about how you can build an easy-going bond so you can get along better in future.

It strikes you that certain close ones have not been completely open. It’s not that they have told tall tales or misled anybody; they have simply kept certain information to themselves. Now that you have found out from another source you are going to ask them a few questions. It will be interesting to see how they answer. They might have reasons for keeping some details hush-hush.

You are trying very hard not to think about something which annoys you. The more you try not to think of something the more it’s on your mind. It might be that it’s wiser to air your concerns and talk about it with a close one. You could find that you get a new perspective and that helps you to stop thinking about something you cannot change.

If a close one has already made a decision, why are they now asking you for advice about the matter? Point out to them that since they have already made up their mind they can continue what they started. If it’s a case they want to reverse their decision then that is a different matter. Help them understand that they need to be quite clear about what they want.

Are you digging around for details? There are times when your Monkey personality has made a situation overcomplicated because you have been looking for information which is not relevant. Before you start asking questions, ask yourself what it is you need to know and why you need to know. It might be that simply accepting certain matters, as they are,  will give you a far more relaxing day.

If you can remain flexible it means that you can embrace whatever change in arrangements comes about today. There is no denying your Rooster personality would have liked to have stuck with the original plan. However, since that is not going to be the case, you need to be a little relaxed about how else things could be re-shuffled.

Unconventional ideas are quite fascinating to you at the moment and worth investigating. As you explore them and look more deeply, you could find that there are parallels you can draw with a situation in your own life. When you can see that there are alternative ways of looking at things, you will gain a fresh perspective on a long-standing dilemma.

Naturally, you are not best pleased when you don’t get what you want. Now that you have had some time to think about it a bit more, you might come to realise that what you got instead was actually a better offer. Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways. You need to trust that you have what you need, even though you didn’t realise you wanted it in the first place.