Daily Chinese Horoscopes Monday July 28th 2014

It’s a Rat day on a Monday. Will the Rat help you run with a quick start?


You can start the week seeing matters quite positively. You are aware that there is going to be some difficult people and situations to deal in the coming week. Armed with this knowledge, you know there is no need to start getting worried about how to handle matters. You already have a plan and you also have the wherewithal to think on your feet.

There are choices to be made today, and there is not a lot of difference between the various options, open to you. How can you decide? Trust your intuition. When you act on those inner feelings you can feel comfortable about making the right choice. It can be hard to tune in when there is a lot of noise around you. Find a quiet spot.

As you discuss the details of your plans with others you can begin to see how well various personalities fit into their roles. If it becomes apparent that some people are not doing what they are most suited to doing, you might want to help them see that there could be other things that they can turn their hand to.

You let an opportunity pass you by because you really felt it was not right for you. There is no need to now start thinking you should have grabbed it anyway. It’s better not to rush into something simply because it’s there. You need to trust that when the right opportunity presents itself you will feel ready to take it.

The Rat energies of today remind your Dragon personality of the importance of teamwork. Even when you feel you are doing something by yourself there are still those around you who contribute in their own way so that you can do what you do without worrying about certain details. You can let those you rely on know how much you appreciate their efforts.

Now that you have slept on a problem you feel more confident about being able to solve it based on some signs in one of your dreams. The ideas you have today may go against conventional wisdom, somebody might even say it doesn’t seem very logical, yet once you start putting it into practice they will be amazed that you really have found another way of doing things.

Before you get into an argument at the start of the week, recognise that people sometimes tell little white lies. They mean no harm. They are probably trying to spare somebody else’s feelings and there could be times when the complete truth is just too difficult to swallow in one big lump. You might not agree with them being less than fully truthful, yet there is no need to argue over it. Let them be with their little white lies.

As you start the week you wipe the slate clean for those who transgressed last week. There is not much to be gained from hanging on to old grievances, when you can turn your energy to better things. Because you are forgiving them, they will see that there is every good reason for them to do things a whole lot better this week.

It seems as if you have to deal with somebody who is quite touchy. With this in mind, you need to find a sensitive way of talking to them about a delicate matter. There is no need to try and avoid the conversation, for everybody is aware that there is a need to discuss matters. It’s by dealing with it fairly and firmly that you can put it to rest.

You are not quite clear on how you think about a particular situation. When you examine matters from different angles it can become a little confusing. Take a step back and, when you have a rethink, you will begin to notice how close you are to the answer. Sometimes you need to wade through some confusion before you can see how easy it is to find an answer.

Somebody is being a little too clever about what they are doing. As a result they have created a setback where there was none. Whilst you can certainly put things back in to order, it would actually be far wiser to get those who created the mess in the first place to at least have a go at sorting it out.

You want to create a good impression, yet you also know that when you try too hard to create a good impression it comes across as a rather false. Some people will warm to the real you, so there is no need to pretend to be someone you are not. If someone is not meant to have a connection with you, there is no need to try to forge one.