Daily Chinese Horoscope Sunday August 2nd 2015

The Dog comes running in to take charge of today. Will the Dog bring a friendly atmosphere to the weekend?


If you crave some time to yourself, that would not be a surprise today. It’s still Goat month and on a Dog day, like today, you might not feel you are going to be wonderful company. Those who know you will understand you will feel a lot more sociable after you have withdrawn from the world for a while.

In order to smell the scent of the flowers you need to slow down. Whilst the fragrance can sometimes be carried to you by the breeze, being conscious and aware that you are actually inhaling the fragrance means that you are completely present in the moment. Enjoy today moment by moment without looking back at the past or fast-forwarding to the future.

If a close one is asking a favour it’s far wiser to be honest than say what you know they want to hear. If you need to say no you can explain to them why you cannot do something for them right now. Leave it open that they can ask you again in future. By being straightforward you are giving them a clear message.

If you feel you have been working hard in recent days then today could be a day when you allow yourself to truly relax. Whilst you are unwinding you might find your mind wandering on to your next goal. By all means think about what else you would like to achieve, but do it without any sort of stress or strain.

If you are debating a controversial matter with a close one let them do most of the talking. It could be they simply need to get a few things off their chest. There is no point in trying to convince them to see things in a more positive light. Once they get a clearer perspective they will realise for themselves.

You are aware that you need to apply yourself in order to make things happen. Your mind has been wandering around in recent days. It’s worth your while to spend some time today to jot down your ideas. Once you have done that you might feel that you have captured what has been going on in your head. You can then be ready from tomorrow to deal with all sorts of practical matters.

Exchanging honest points of view with those you trust can bring you closer. Make sure that those you are talking to today are not gossiping about others unkindly. If they do have something to say about somebody else ask them if they know all the facts. Remind them it’s rarely a good idea to go around repeating half-truths.

You would rather like it if you could persuade a close one to change their mind. You have given them lots of reasons for doing so. If they are remaining stubborn then there is not much point in you continuing your discussion. It might be time to simply walk away because you are not going to get yourself all agitated.

Rapidly changing circumstances can make you feel as if you are not in control. Accept that you cannot always be in the driving seat. Even when you are behind the wheel, there could still be traffic jams holding you up. Give yourself a break mentally and physically, today. Then when you next step back into the driving seat you will be raring to go.

There is no denying that when you push yourself you can accomplish a great deal, however you do not need to be so demanding all the time. By allowing yourself to take it easy today you will be able to be far more productive in days to come. The finishing line is in sight, you just simply need to persist for a little longer.

When you notice a close one might not be being entirely honest you are not afraid to point out what you see as the truth. They could have reasons for holding back certain information or exaggerating events. Understand what those reasons might be and help them to see that there is no need to be evasive, especially since you know what is going on anyway.

Sometimes the best sort of help you can give to a close one is not to help them directly, but to encourage them to find the answer for themselves. By helping them learn and grow they are gaining some valuable experience. Whilst you can talk about your own experience, it’s not quite the same as somebody getting it for themselves. Encourage them to try things they haven’t done before.