Daily Chinese Horoscopes Sunday, August 28th 2016

The Horse comes running in to take charge today. Will it be a fast-paced Sunday?


It’s healthy to have a lively debate, watch out for discussions getting a little over-heated. Look out for moments when some people are a little quick to talk, and jump to conclusions, maybe the wrong conclusion. If you make a point of listening first you can go on to have a meaningful conversation without resorting to fighting and into an argument

Did you notice a close one seems to be in a rush to do something? You’re going to help them slow down and help them understand the need to be a little cautious. You can offer some advice based on things you have done yourself. Instead of jumping in with both feet, it might be wiser to test the waters by dipping in a toe first.

Just because a close one asks you for something, it doesn’t mean that you have to give it to them. Saying no can often be the best thing to do for everybody concerned. Maybe, they need to learn a little bit more self-discipline and maybe you need to encourage them to do a lot more for themselves. If they going to persuade you to give them something you don’t want to give, they’re not going to succeed easily.

If you feel like dealing with an awkward character is proving to be a challenge you’re tempted to walk away, yet you’re going to stand your ground. When they see that they cannot get their own way, they’re going to keep trying. You’re going stand firm on what you believe in. You’re going to help others, but you’re not going to let them throw their weight around and manipulate you.

Spending time with close ones can be a source of joy. Make the most of the presence of the company you find around you  It can be tempting for your mind to wander off and think about different things. Yet if you’re present and are being in this moment, you can really appreciate all the  positive energy there is around you.

It’s so easy for your Snake personality to keep thinking about things, to go in a big circle and back to where you started. Sometimes, it’s makes more sense to not think about things, too much. Your watching and waiting to see how events unfold. Often, it’s easier for you to see things more clearly when your mind is still. Let go of thinking too much about stuff you cannot change.

When you’re busy enjoying yourself time simply seems to fly by. When you feel like doing something which is a chore, time seems to drag on. Time can disappear today because you’ve been really enjoying yourself. Remember to take some time to check in with yourself and reflect on recent events and how you feel about things. It’s relaxing to slow down your mind.

There is a part of your personality that feels young at heart. No matter how many years you have clocked up, you know you can be really playful. Enjoy the company of youngsters or do something that reminds you of what it was like to be a child. You can have a lot of fun with a lot of people being really silly and enjoying the moment.

Life is far more interesting when you put yourself into new situations and meet new people. Is there something new that you’re going to do today? You might be tempted to think that you prefer to stick with the familiar, yet stepping out of your comfort zone, and being a little adventurous could actually be quite pleasant and rewarding in many ways.

You’re not going to allow others to push through things in a hurry. Even if they’re in a rush to do something your going to take things at a leisurely pace. Remind them that if they try and fly off into doing something, too quickly, they might forget something or they might need to then take a step back to the beginning to do things properly.

The Horse ruling the day reminds you of the importance of reaching out and connecting with others in your life.  Is there somebody you haven’t heard from for a while? Maybe you need to get in touch. Sometimes life can be quite hectic, so don’t forget about the importance of spending time with friends and family.  Make time to be with those who make your smile.

There are times when it doesn’t make sense to try too hard. Whether it’s dealing with relationships or accomplishing goal, persistence pays off. Trying too hard means you’re not going to spend too much energy, which could applied to more fruitful activities. Think about how you want to spend your time today.  Remember to enjoy yourself.