Daily Chinese Horoscopes Saturday July 4th 2015

The Snake comes in to rule the day. It’s Independence Day for all our friends in the USA!

Is a situation really as complicated as you think it is? It might be that you have been going around in circles in your mind. When you talk to somebody else you might come to realise that it’s a lot more straightforward. Trust that what is simple and obvious is indeed what is going on. There is no need to look for anything that is buried beneath the surface.

When close ones keep asking you the same questions you begin to realise that there is something you need to clear up. How and when did the confusion start? That can be difficult to track down. Rather than focus on why ideas have got muddled, think about how you can make everything clearer for everybody. Explain the situation as it really is, and make sure everybody understands it’s not what they were thinking.

It can seem to be a fast-paced day today. If you have got places to go and people to see you end up charging around from one place to another. Make a point of being present to each moment and the company you are keeping. Slow yourself down mentally, especially if you feel that there is such a lot to do.

When a close one comes to talk about what is bothering them you can offer them some sympathy. It’s easy for you to see why adopting a philosophical attitude would help them a great deal in their current situation. Remind them that there are certain things which they really cannot change, at the moment or in the near future.

When you think about your dreams, and what you want, are you doing those things which bring you closer to your dreams? Think about if there are any changes you need to make soon in order to align your dreams with your daily life. Is it your dreams that need to change or is what you do day to day?

Are you catching yourself in a bit of a pessimistic mood today? Sometimes you need to simply look on the bright side. This is not saying you should pretend that problems don’t exist, or think that you do not need to do anything, when you do. It is saying you need to look at the challenges you are facing and see if you can find a way to overcome them.

Are you thinking that you would rather like it if you had what somebody else has? If somebody appears to have an enviable life you need to remember you are not seeing everything that is going on for them. Avoid comparisons, for unless you know about somebody’s trials and tribulations you cannot really understand what their life is like for them.

When you let close ones know you are changing your mind about something they might be rather surprised. Even though they have been secretly hoping you would have a change of heart, they did not expect it. Explain to them why you have chosen to see things in a different light. You needed to think about things a little more deeply.

When close ones change their plans for the weekend it affects you as well. Whilst you might not feel the new arrangements suit you entirely, if you think about it objectively it is actually a better plan. Think about how you can adapt to the latest schedule in order to make the most of how you spend your time.

Give close ones some explanation as to why you think a particular option is a good choice. They might have different ideas. Listen to what they have to say, for what seems to make sense for you might not make a great deal of sense to them. You might find that they have thought of something you had not considered.

When you notice a close one is being somewhat unforgiving you want to have a quiet word with them. Talk about how choosing to forgive means you leave yourself happier, because you are not bearing a grudge. You cannot make someone else be forgiving, but you can help them see why it would be a smart move, and how it might make them feel happier.

Watch out for tensions today. If there has been some underlying conflict it might simply be better if the delicate matter was discussed. If you keep suppressing your feelings, because you wanted to keep the peace, it’s likely to lead to a big row at some point. It’s better to talk about what is annoying you sooner rather than later.