Daily Chinese Horoscopes Thursday January 19th 2015

The Horse comes galloping in today to take charge of the day.


Be aware of any intense emotions. There is tension from Horse clashing with your Rat self, yet the Ox ruling the month can help ease the worst of the situation. If you feel that others are on the attack, there’s no need to fight back straight away. Make a conscious effort to remain calm and you’ll find others will not bother you that much.

Today, it might suit you not to be quite so determined in dealing with a matter. The situation is complex and you could end up wasting your time, when you could do other things instead. Stand back until you can see that others are ready to listen to you. Let them do most of the talking to begin with for that helps you see their point of view.

You’ve been the one to put in a lot of effort to keep a strong bond between you and another person. You are starting to wonder what might happen if you did not do quite so much. It’s time to let things take their natural course. Ease off a little and wait to see what happens. Those who want you close will not let you slip away.

Today, you are ready to make a bold statement, in a nice way, yet you’re still going to be quite forthright. There will be those around you who’ll be a little taken aback with your firm behaviour. Sometimes, you need to make a stand for what you believe in, even though your Rabbit personality is diplomatic.

Your Dragon personality wants to push boundaries, even after you’ve already tested them. There are times when such a bold move works to your advantage, yet there are other times when it could backfire. Before you head towards trouble, think about not going to extremes and moderating your own actions.

It could be that the most obvious answer is indeed the most sensible answer and there are no further complications. When you look at the whole picture instead of just one small part you’ll see things more clearly. Perhaps, you’ve been overanalysing a straightforward dilemma? Take another look at what has happened and who has been involved.

Do not feel under pressure from others if you cannot quite decide today. Exploring your options doesn’t mean that there’s one option that stands out as being clearly better than everything else. why Weigh matters up carefully before you come to a conclusion you’re comfortable with. Do you have to make up your mind today?

Rushing around can often turn out to be counterproductive, especially if you omit to do some important things. If there are those around you who seem intent on being in a hurry, you’re not going to be carried along by their hastiness. Explain to them that if they are overly-impatient they could miss something important. You’re going to carry on at a steady pace.

Today, you need to draw upon your witty charms to persuade somebody that they need to do something for you. Asking nicely will encourage them to do it a little more quickly, and with lots of enthusiasm, even if they’re supposed to do it anyway. Your Monkey personality knows how to win over the disaffected.

You would much rather have everything your way, but that is not the basis of a compromise. When it comes to agreeing upon a compromise be mindful of being too pedantic about what you’re willing or not willing to give up. Think about what is most important to you and why you want to reach an agreement. Are there minor concessions you can happily make?

Today, you can see why something you thought was unimportant is turning out to be significant. You’re drawn to giving this matter some of your time and attention. As you investigate, you can see that the situation is looking both interesting and promising. You might discover that there’s something meaningful, which you hadn’t noticed before.

Could it be you were busy being busy? If you realise you’ve been spending time on activities which are not worthwhile, you can alter your schedule to focus on those things that matter the most. When you’re clear about what you want, and need to do, you’re not going to be so easily distracted by fascinating things demanding your attention.