Daily Chinese Horoscopes Tuesday October 21st 2014

The Ox comes in to rule the day and brings with it a down to earth atmosphere.


Is it time to think about what you want to really achieve in the coming days? You might have done a lot of thinking recently, yet it’s time now to actually get stuck into some practicalities. It might have been that there were some things that you were simply hesitating over. You need to decide whether to go ahead or not bother.

If other people keep changing their minds, it’s not a surprise that you are starting to feel a little irritated. You simply need to make it clear what your plans are, and what you intend to do in the coming days. They need to figure out whether they are going to be involved or not. Let them know you might need to do some things without them.

Do not fall for somebody’s tricks if they make you feel guilty about saying no. If you are sure that something is not right for you then it is actually far better for everyone concerned that you speak your mind. Do not feel that you have to please others by saying yes. Explain that there could be someone else who would be over the moon to say yes.

It’s time for you to be a lot more assertive in a particular situation. You have let things run on their own accord. Now it’s time for you to make it clear what needs to happen and what should not happen at this point in time. There will be those who will not be too happy about this, yet on another level they understand why you need to exert yourself.

You need to encourage some people to be a little patient. There will be those who will think this is rather ironic given that your Dragon personality is usually one who is itching to make things happen. Today, you can see that there is no point in trying to rush certain things and you can articulate the reasons why. If you can wait, so can others.

As soon as you realise you need to make some changes you are going to act quickly. You are quite capable of spotting what needs to change and quickly get on to changing it. Trust that you will figure out what you need to do and when. Even if you are thrown off course, there is no need to feel you cannot get back on track.

You are wondering when certain things will happen, yet at the same time you are aware that thinking about things is not going to speed things up. Rather than dwell on what is not happening, think about how you can occupy yourself with things which are actually happening. Time will fly by if you keep yourself busy doing something which you feel you can make a difference.

You can choose not to argue back. On an Ox day, like today, it’s easy for you to fall into a dispute. You might not even be aware that there was a bone of contention. It might be that you simply need to discuss matters without showing any sort of frustration. When you can remain calm you will be able to start resolving your differences.

Sometimes, there is a great deal of comfort from talking to somebody who has a similar mind-set to yourself, at other times you need to bring in another perspective. Be prepared to discuss matters with somebody who looks at the world from a different angle. You could find they share some interesting insights, which could lead you towards an unconventional solution.

Avoid second-guessing anybody today. Even though you might have had similar ideas in the past, it is easy to have a misunderstanding when you make too many assumptions. Be ready to ask questions and check what others are really thinking.  You might have jumped to the wrong conclusion.

If you are feeling reluctant to agree to something you know it’s far wiser to be upfront about how you feel. If you leave others with the feeling that you might still agree with them, you might feel harassed later on if they persist with their request. Letting them know that you are not interested today will save everybody a lot of time and trouble.

Sometimes it’s better to simply take a decision rather than to keep hesitating. If what you are faced with is a rather simple matter you could waste a lot of time being undecided when it would not matter too much which option you take. If, on the other hand, you are facing a momentous decision you need to avoid rushing at things. You still need to get clear on what is important for you.