Daily Chinese Horoscope Saturday September 10th 2016

The Goat takes charge of the day. Will the Goat make it a relaxed Saturday?


If you want to influence close ones, and you feel they’re being a little obstinate, could it be that you need to find a way of convincing them that your idea is really their idea. When you can let go of feeling that you need to be the one to come up with the plans, you can actually steer others towards doing things your way, and have them think they doing it their way.

On a Goat day, like today, do not be surprised if you find that there are moments when you disagree with close ones. You’re not afraid to have a heated debate and you’re still going to let someone know that you care, but you’re not going to agree with them on a particular topic. See if you can find a way of resolving things so that you all feel at ease.

When close ones have different viewpoints from yourself, you could find that it’s rather helpful for you to gain insight into other ways of looking at a tricky situation. Sometimes, there are things that you cannot easily spot. Another perspective can often help you be more aware of things that you had not noticed.

You could find that when close ones turn to you that you end up being the one to help them figure out a dilemma. Your rabbit personality loves to encourage others, and even if somebody has not followed some early advice you have given, you’re not going to say I told you so. Reminding others that there are often times when you need to re-evaluate things will put everybody in a positive mood.

How do you deal with a delicate topic when somebody asks you a question you’re not keen to answer? What you can do is ask them how they feel about things. You can say that you see things differently, and in doing so you will help others begin to understand that there are many ways of exploring a situation. They will soon see that it’s beneficial to separate their feelings from what is actually happening.

As you look back over the past week you can check in with yourself and review events. It can be tempting for you to analyse all the things you could have done differently. Whilst there’s benefits in learning how to do things better, it’s important to focus on how you can use those insights for the week ahead rather than giving yourself a hard time.

The Goat energies today remind you of the importance of the bonds that you share with your nearest and dearest. Are you doing something this weekend that makes you smile and laugh together? There might still be chores to take care of, yet if you can do those things in a jolly spirit, you will find that even the most mundane tasks are sources of happiness.

You’re aware that it’s not a good idea to compare yourself with others, yet it can still be tempting for you to do that, especially if you feel that others might not notice. Remember you have your own special talents, and others could have their own talents in other areas. When you can appreciate your own uniqueness you know that nobody compares to you.

It makes life interesting if you have some different interests and activities from close ones. Do not feel that they need to go along with everything that you do. Reaching out to new people makes it far more interesting when it comes to having conversations with close ones. Still, it’s a good idea to find some shared activities to do together.

Is it going to be a wonderful and relaxed weekend? If you have that sort of mindset, you will naturally choose to do those things which make you feel at ease. There’s no need to try to do too much. Give yourself a bit of a break. A good rest means you can be far more effective in the days ahead, and this doesn’t just mean physical activities, it means you need to allow your mind to switch off.

Talking over the past week’s happenings with close one can help you gain a better perspective on things. Such conversations can help you see that in those moments when you thought you were facing insurmountable challenges, you can now see a solution for moving forwards. Being able to share the events and your feelings will prepare you for the week ahead.

There are times when it makes sense for you to keep going and not to quit. At other times you might need to choose between how to divide your time and effort. If there are some things which are not proving to be right for you, do not be afraid to own up to it. Change your mind because it’s the right thing for you to do.