Daily Chinese Horoscopes Tuesday March 28

The Tiger comes in to rule today, and brings with it a sense of boldness.


Are you tempted to try to do everything at once? The Tiger energies of today make you rather impulsive, yet instead of acting on impulse you can use that energy to spur you on to make a plan. You have a lot of ideas, yet it seems tricky to know what to do with them, in particular what to do first. Choose to move ahead with one idea first, and the rest will gradually fall into place.

You’re not in the mood to listen to pessimists, yet you need to be careful not to be overly-optimistic. The Tiger ruling the day can make you feel very energetic, yet slowing down means you avoid acting rashly. If somebody is putting forward an idea that appears to be too good to be true, ask them some questions about the risks versus the rewards.

There are times when it’s only by stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a risk that you can find what you are truly capable of. There are some situations where it’s better not to grab some opportunities because they are not right for you, let them pass on by. If something feels right go for it, but otherwise be open to something else coming to you.

You know you need to start making time and space for something new, yet at the same time you are reluctant to let go of what is old. What’s truly important for the coming weeks and months? When you get a sense of what you truly want, you’ll build your vision. It will make it easier to let go of what you no longer need.

When your Dragon personality meets a Tiger day in a Rabbit month it can be easy for you to be a little over the top. Be careful not to attract the wrong sort of attention when you’re doing something with others. When you do things as part of a team, remember to give credit to those who are running alongside you.

Be cautious in how you judge someone’s character today, there could be a lot more to them that what meets the eye. You’ve been known to judge certain people and certain situations a little too quickly. There are times when you might have underestimated somebody. Ask a few probing questions to see if you can find their hidden depths.

Your independent Horse nature does sometimes forget the benefits of having others on-board, because you’re quite happily galloping along on your own. Accept any help that comes your way, for you could run a lot quicker when you have others to keep you company. On a Tiger day, like today, you can expect some helping hands to turn up.

Are you feeling that things are not happening as fast as you would like them to? Your Goat personality is normally good at sticking with your goals. Could it be that you simply need to stick with something a little longer? Persist, because sometimes some things that are worthwhile just take a little more time and a little more effort.

See if you can talk through all the ideas that are being put forward. Whilst you’re fairly convinced of the logic of your own ideas, this doesn’t mean that other ideas are not worthwhile. How might you take some of each person’s ideas to create an even better solution? When you’re looking for a win-win, you won’t need to argue.

Decide on what you want to achieve by the end of the week and, with that in mind, you’ll find it easier to stay focused on what you need to do. If you find it difficult to concentrate, could it be that your head is buzzing because you’re thinking of so many things at the same time? When your mind is firing on many different directions you can be actively not finishing anything. Choose to focus on completing what’s most important for today.

You know exactly what changes need to be implemented now, yet there are others who are somewhat reluctant to accept change. Explain carefully why if things didn’t start happening now, there would be more upheaval in days to come. When others are ware that change is unavoidable, they’ll want to hear more about what you suggest.

How willing are you to act on advice that you get today? There’s no shortage of good advice when you start talking to people who could help. What makes a difference is not what others tell you, but what you choose to do with the information. Talking about things is important to begin with, yet there comes a point when you need to walk your talk.