Daily Chinese Horoscopes Tuesday 13th October 2015

It’s a Dog day in a Dog month. Will double Dogs make it an affable day?


It’s becoming clear that you need to change course. You might wonder what others would say when they notice you are doing an about-turn. What is more important? What others think or what you think would be doing the right thing? Do what you feel is going to bring you a favourable outcome. If others comment on you changing your mind, remind them that you do that, from time to time.

Normally, your Ox personality does believe in finding a compromise. However, the matter you are dealing with really doesn’t seem to have any sort of middle ground, it is like tossing a coin and choosing heads or tails. You have good reasons for sticking to your position. Unless somebody can put forward some convincing arguments, you are not going to budge at all.

Do not see it as any sort of criticism if others should question your ideas. They would not ask if they were not at least curious. Since they are keen to understand your plans, encourage them to share their views. See it as a handy way for you to get some feedback and to refine your own thinking. Remain positive, yet be willing to adapt.

The choices before you are all promising. This makes it rather tricky for you to make up your mind. It seems as if you have already run through a long list of pros and cons. Maybe you need to trust your own inner wisdom. What would feel right for you? If you do one thing first you can do something else later.

If somebody is provoking you, you still have a choice as to how to respond. Choosing not to answer back could be the best response. Simply say that you are not going to discuss the matter right now, for you have other things to attend to. When you can carry on with doing what is truly important to you, you are not going to let other people’s unruly behaviour distract you.

Despite you giving the full facts, there are still some stubborn characters who are refusing to accept what you are saying. You know you are being completely truthful. Maybe some people simply need to figure out a few things for themselves, by themselves. There’s no point in you wasting any more energy trying to convince them. Hand over the information and leave it up to them.

A team effort seems to require a bit of an extra push at the moment. Be willing to be the one to take the initiative in pointing out what needs to be done then promptly setting about doing your fair share. When everyone realises that they need to do their bit they are not going to keep thinking somebody else will take care of things.

You are aware of the difference between genuine praise and flattery. Whilst you are not going to let somebody simply get their own way by flattery, you are not going to say anything which would make them feel uncomfortable. Treat it as if it was genuine praise and they will find that they cannot get very far with their cunning plan.

If you can find another way of asking a question you will be able to get somebody to open up. They might have been rather reluctant to say a great deal before now because they might have thought you would not understand their point of view. When they can see that you are ready to listen to them they will want to talk.

It’s time for you to fill out some of the details in your plans. As well as what you want to accomplish, and by when, who do you need to have behind you? To get more support from others you need to make it known that is what you would like. Reach out and ask for help. There will be those who will gladly give you their backing, if they knew you needed their support.

You are aware that everybody has their little flaws. If you find that somebody’s particularly rubbing you up the wrong way today, what is it about their behaviour that is making you feel this way? Could it be that you see the same fault in yourself? By being more accepting of your own weaknesses you can be more tolerant towards others.

You can certainly offer some helpful advice to those who come to you to talk about their troubles. Remind them that life can sometimes have its ups and downs and to see some recent events as an opportunity for building resilience. You cannot wave a magic wand to make solve their problems, nor would it be in their interests for you to do so.