Daily Chinese Horoscopes Wednesday May 24 2017

The Pig comes in to rule the day and clashes with the Snake ruling the month. Watch out for restless moments.


Why is it that you seem to be talking at cross-purposes? Those people you are normally on the same wavelength with seem to be on a different frequency. Since you cannot do a great deal about how they’re responding, the best you can do is listen carefully. See if you can tune in to what they’re trying to say.

Do you need to make lots of excuses for avoiding somebody or avoiding doing something? It might be far wiser to just simply say that something is not right for you, or don’t want to be involved. If you keep making excuses, it’s giving encouragement for others to come back and ask you another time. Borrow some of the no-nonsense nature of the Pig ruling the day to speak up.

If others don’t share your enthusiasm for your latest ideas, there’s no need to feel disheartened. Is there a way you can get them more closely involved so that they feel as if they really are part of the excitement? Maybe, they feel it is nothing much to do with them, which could explain why they’re not wildly interested.

When faced with various options you can feel a little overwhelmed with having to pick just one thing. If there is no pressure from impending deadlines, take some time to carefully evaluate all the opportunities that are before you. It might become obvious what would be the best choice, after you’ve eliminated some of the options.

It’s at those times when you wonder whether, or not, it’s worth continuing something that you need to give it an extra push. You’ve been quick off the mark to get something started, yet you now need to put in a bit extra to see it to the end. You will find out for sure whether success is close or far, when you take the next few steps.

By not bringing up controversial matters you could avoid an argument. If others are being confrontational you know you need to take measures to avoid falling out with them. You can always ask them why they are trying to start an argument. If others insist on discussing these matters, suggest that you talk about them another day.

If somebody has pointed out those things which do not look so promising, they’re doing you a favour. It feels as though you’ve put in a lot of effort and now somebody has thrown a wet blanket over what you are doing. Do not see it as somebody being deliberately critical. See it as a chance for you to think carefully about what you’re trying to achieve.

If it is not the right time for you to disclose certain facts you’re not going to let somebody try and prise them out of you. They can ask as much as they like. If people are saying things to test how much you know, you can choose not to fall for such tricks. You know you are not going to reveal anything to them.

Something, which you thought was quite secure, is now looking quite precarious and you’re not sure whether to stick to it. Take some time to think about whether, or not, you need to consider changing course. Talking things over with others has stirred up mixed feelings about how you feel about a situation.

Confronting the situation head on is not comfortable, yet you’ll feel it’s the right thing to do. You were hoping you could side-step a tricky situation, yet it seems that others have kicked up such a fuss that it leaves you with no option other than to face the music. Trust that you’re sufficiently prepared to handle, not only what needs to be done, but how others are reacting.

Drawing upon your experience can be helpful in dealing with the current circumstances. Be mindful that the emotions, which were stirred up when you re-examined your own history, don’t cloud your judgement when dealing with the present situation. If you’re aware of how you feel, it’s also an opportunity for you to resolve matters and completely draw a line under the past.

There are certain matters you’re not going to keep talking about. If others persist in bringing up these annoying discussions let them know that you would rather they did not rub salt into your wounds. Suggest that you’ll be ready to talk about things when you’ve understood recent events and how you feel about them. You’re going to change the subject of the conversation.