Daily Chinese Horoscopes Friday April 18th 2014

The Goat comes in to rule the day on Good Friday. How will the Goat help you kick off Easter celebrations?


Somebody is lacking a sense of humour and that person is not yourself, but somebody you need to deal with today. There is no point in attempting to get them to smile. Since they are overly serious the best you can do is say as little as possible and get them to understand what is happening.  You know you are going to remain good-humoured and enjoy the Easter weekend.

It’s easy for small matters to get blown out of all proportion. Take a big step back when you feel the atmosphere is getting tense. You know it’s not worth your while arguing over trivialities. If somebody insists they are right over something minor, let them be. Time will reveal whether or not they are indeed right.

It feels like it could be a bit of a headache because there has been a lot of procrastination and you are now not sure where you stand in a rather complicated situation. You need to take control and sort matters out promptly. Your Tiger personality is not going to delay, even if others are dragging their feet. You are going to simply get on with what needs to be done.

There is no need to tell others “I told you so” because they are not going to be very impressed by any sort of gloating. You know you were right and they know you were right. In future they are far more likely to listen to you, if you do not make them feel silly because they made a mistake.

There is a side to your Dragon personality that does not like to back out of something purely for the sake of not wishing to be seen to be changing your mind. There is another side of you that knows that it’s wiser to do what you need to do, rather than worry too much about what other people think. Listen to your own higher wisdom and do what you know to be right.

Have you been dwelling so much on some questions that you do not seem to be getting any closer to finding an answer? Simply switch your attention to something that does not need so much deep thinking. When your mind is doing something else you could find that you suddenly get an insight into solving your dilemma.

You might need to slow down a little today. There are those around you who are not quite keeping up with the pace at which you do things. If you keep racing ahead they will struggle to know what to do. Slowing down could lead to everything moving along a bit faster than if you were to race off on your own.

It’s apparent that some things are not quite right, yet you cannot quite put your finger on what you need to sort out. Talk about all the different possibilities and somebody could help you see what you need to fix in order to put things right. Do not feel you have to figure things our completely on your own.

Your Monkey personality likes to act fairly independently. Today, you could find there are those who are insistent that you go along with the crowd. You know that is not what you are going to do so you might as well say so. They won’t be too surprised that you want to do things your way, yet by keeping them informed you will avoid them getting irritated because they had other expectations.

When it becomes apparent that a situation is not nearly as drastic as you thought it was, you can breathe a sigh of relief and stop worrying. There are times when there is nothing much you can do in one day to improve things, yet you can still plot and plan and keep matters in perspective.

You are tempted to say yes to somebody to keep them happy, yet you also know deep down you will almost certainly want to back out of the agreement later on. Instead of raising hopes, it’s far wiser to just simply say no. Expect them not to be pleased, but this is far better than letting them down later on.

There are those around you who have been secretly hoping you will take charge of an awkward situation. There are times when you are happy to take the lead, yet in this particular matter you know that it’s down to others to be at the front and being responsible. Suggest that you are happy to go along because it’s time for somebody to show just what they can do.