Daily Chinese Horoscopes Tuesday May 3rd 2016

The Rooster comes in to take charge today. The Rooster forms a harmonious combination with the Dragon ruling in the month.


When the Rooster is in charge of the day it can create an atmosphere where you feel you need to look at all the details. There’s certainly something to be said for checking things and making sure everything is correct. However, there’s no need to be overly pedantic, you need to think about how to make best use of your time.

A team effort could work out well on a Rooster day, like today. Be prepared to reach out to others, and ask for some support. If you give the impression that you can do it on your own, others will leave you to get on with it. You can happily share the load and enjoy a sense of camaraderie when you get others involved.

You tend not to think of yourself as headstrong, yet there will be those who see you as being quite headstrong. If anybody shared with you any comments, which you feel are a little critical, choose to see it as helpful feedback. When others can spot things that you haven’t noticed, they are actually helping you, even if they come across as being fault-finding.

Little quick disagreements can crop up all the time.  On a Rooster day, like today, watch out that minor matters don’t escalate into bigger quarrels. There could be those who are saying things to be controversial, perhaps to draw attention to themselves. There is no need for you to take any of this personally, because you are not going to let others’ opinions drag you down.

Your enthusiastic Dragon personality loves to win over those who are a little reluctant. How can you make your ideas come across as very exciting, when their reaction is only lukewarm? By imagining you’re standing in their shoes, you can find a way of figuring out how to help them feel a lot more enthusiastic.

It’s time for taking action. There are often days when your Snake personality likes to keep thinking about things when it would make far more sense for you to actually start doing something. This does not mean you’re not going to think ahead, or not think at all. It means you’re going to think about things enough to understand what you’re doing, and the reasons why.

Your Horse personality quite likes dealing with some changes. Not everyone feels this way. There could be those around you who are insisting that every detail is in place before they do anything at all. You know there is no need to be quite so meticulous. You’re going to point out what is most important, and suggest that it would be a good idea to get moving.

You’re interested in new ideas and figuring out new ways of doing things, yet there are others around you who are still a little bit stuck in their old routines. Can you point out the advantages of new ways of doing things? You will find that they will want to follow your lead, once they notice it’s far more productive to make use of the latest techniques.

When you’re being a little flirtatious, you can win over hearts and minds. Your Monkey personality can come across a thoroughly charming. You can certainly use these skills to help you convince those who are a little hesitant about your ideas. Bringing in that human warmth will help them feel more at ease with what you’re saying.

When you’re not thinking too hard about a dilemma, you might find you get the answer more easily. Once you realise what the answer could actually be, you could benefit by allowing your mind to relax. Creativity happens best when you’ve loosened up, and when you’re not putting yourself under pressure. Those are the times you could find that you’re getting lots of inspiring thoughts.

You certainly understand importance of discussing existing arrangements, and how you are going to do things in future. If you feel there has been too much talk, and not enough action be prepared to say that to those who simply love talking about all the details. You know it makes sense to start moving swiftly, and to do something today.

Rarely do you struggle with matters about who is in charge. If you’re taking the lead, then you will do that firmly and decisively. If somebody else is at the front, you’re happy to let them carry on with what they’re doing. If you notice something doesn’t seem quite right today, you need to find a thoughtful way of making it known, without attempting to take over their territory.