Daily Chinese Horoscopes Saturday June 24

It’s a Horse day in Horse month. Will you be galloping around at double speed?


Putting things off is not a good idea, even though you might feel like doing just that. A situation, where you have felt pressured in recent weeks, seems to feel especially challenging today. However, in facing up to the difficulties you find yourself in a position where you’re inspired to look for new ways of resolving it.

Is something too good to be true? If you feel that there is such an amazing opportunity right before you today your sensible Ox personality knows you need to ask lots of questions. The answers you get could prompt you to think more deeply about matters and to ask even more questions. You’re not going to believe what others tell you without checking it for yourself.

With double Horses around you’re experiencing the day at a hectic pace. There’s so much for you to cram into the weekend. If you’re running around at speed remember that you do need to put your foot on the brakes every now and then. You want to be fully aware of where you are and what you are doing.

There’s no need to feel that you are completely stuck. Once you start articulating what is bothering you, close ones can soon help you see how you can find a way out of your sticky spot. Those who are somewhat removed from what is happening can spot things at a distance which you can easily miss when you feel stuck in the middle.

You didn’t mean to make a revelation, yet a close one is somewhat annoyed about something you said. Since they didn’t really tell you it was a secret, it’s not fair to give you a hard time. In a way, things are going to be easier because everybody now knows what is going on. In a strange way, you said the right thing at the right time.

When it comes to dealing with certain people, being subtle simply does not work. You need to get somebody to face facts. Even though you might be reluctant to do so, being quite forthright, will help them face up to what is going on. Say how you see things and don’t feel you need to be too tactful. It’s easier for them if you’re clear with your message.

You’re looking ahead because that’s where you’re going, yet there’s still a part of you that is drawn towards mulling over what has been happening in the past month. Allow yourself some time to revisit events, yet when you can draw your conclusions there is no need to keep having one foot in the past.

You wish you could do something to make close ones feel better when they pour their hearts out to you. However, the best you can do is not to try to fix those things which cannot be changed. The best you can do is to offer a shoulder for them to cry on. Sometimes being attentive and listening will help somebody immensely.

There’s no denying your Monkey personality is quite capable, yet even you need to kick-back and relax at the weekend. Your mind is racing and thinking about how you can turn your ideas into actions. By allowing yourself to recharge your body and mind, you know you will be ready to go double-quick next week.

There are certain practical matters for you to handle and how you would normally approach such matters doesn’t seem to feel quite right today. It could be the characters involved need to be treated a little differently. If your instincts are whispering for you to do something in another way, it’s worth your while to listen. Can you trust your instincts today?

You feel as if you have forgotten something and you cannot remember what you have forgotten. Take your time to think about all the things you have on your mind. If you can deal with some things and write a few things down you will soon realise if you have forgotten something important. Sometimes, the harder you try the less easily an answer comes.

When it’s a double Horse day, like today, watch out for spending on impulse. Whilst you can feel quite euphoric when you acquire something new, remember the feeling of being able to exercise self-discipline is a far more long-lasting one. There are times when your Pig personality has been known to be somewhat over-extravagant. Thinking about what your bank statement will look like will prompt you to think twice.