Daily Chinese Horoscopes Tuesday May 31st 2016

It’s the last day of May, but it’s still Snake month for few more days. The Ox comes in to rule the day.


When you take a very practical stance, you know you can put aside your emotions and deal with pressing matters in a very down-to-earth manner. When you can recognise what you can control and influence, and what is beyond your control, you can have a far more realistic approach to solving a dilemma.

You might be a little resistant to changing your mind because you were so convinced that your first choice was the right one. However, if you carefully examine the evidence in front of you and listen objectively to what is being said then you will be able to spot that it makes far more sense for you to change course.

Is it time to rethink a certain part of your routine?  A familiar way of doing things has become so ingrained that you don’t even notice that things do not seem to be working in the right way. When you recognise that there are certain changes you can make, which will make you happier, then it will be far easier for you to disrupt the old ways of doing things and set up a new routine.

You’re going to be a lot more assertive today about how you see things. You suspect that those around you are not paying enough attention to what you’re saying. Maybe, it’s up to you to put your message across in a way which leaves no room for any sort of doubt. When you’re being quite firm about what is important, there will be no mistakes in understanding your message.

People can change their minds once they understand a lot more about what you’re planning. Take some time to explain what you’re doing and the reasons why. Do not make it mean that people are uninterested just because they did not agree with you to begin with. What can you do to convince them that you have some really solid ideas?

You’re aware that a situation is quite complicated. All the more reason to seek out advice from others. On an Ox day, like today, you can find the right person to help you see things more clearly. They might not have all the answers, yet they might be inspiring you to examine the matter from another angle.

You’re smart enough to be aware that it can take a little longer before you see results that you had hoped. Your Horse personality is not going to give up so soon. It might be worth your while to consider if there’s another way for you to do things. If the way you’ve been doing things isn’t working, then what do you need to change?

On an Ox day, like today, it would not be surprising if others bring some contentious issues to discuss with you. If you believe that something is right, you’re going to stand your ground. Nevertheless, you’re still going to be open to listening to what others have to say.  They could offer some interesting perspectives, which are worth thinking about even though you have your own ideas.

If somebody comes to you with what seems like a protest, it could actually be some sort of feedback, which is helpful for you. Encourage them to point out everything they feel is not quite working. They might be slightly exaggerating about some things, yet they might have pinpointed some real issues, which you can start to tackle today.

When you encounter an Ox day in Snake month, it bodes well for getting others to rally behind you, in what you’re doing. It can be a case of the more the merrier. You can find a way of moving around an obstacle, which you had seen as being fixed. Call upon those who are supporting you to help you come up with an answer.

If you feel that a situation needs to be changed, could it be that you need to change your habitual thinking. Be prepared to let go of some old ideas and remain open to some controversial views from those who would not normally have a lot to say. There might be something which could help you see a situation in a far more positive light.

Your Pig personality has a special quality of being able to be gentle and direct when it comes to giving a slightly delicate message. Still, it would be a good idea for you to ask others what they think before you say what you want to say. You might find that they already had an inkling about the message you want to deliver. It would make it a whole lot easier if you listen to their ideas.