Daily Chinese Horoscopes Thursday October 23rd 2014

The Rabbit is in charge today, and brings some charm to a Thursday.


If others seem to imply you are being rather impatient, you are going to let them know you simply need to see some things happening. There might be times when watching and waiting is the right thing to do. You are aware you have done enough of that and you are now ready to fix something and make it work.

There is no need to be concerned about whether or not you would be asking a silly question. Those who are genuinely interested in helping would not mind your question. The only reason that you might not want to ask the questions is that you think others will think less of you. Let go of such a concern and get the answers you want.

Watch out for those sensitive souls who might easily get upset with something to say. You certainly do not mean any offense, yet they are the ones who could misinterpret your words. Gauge how they might be feeling and you might prefer not to speak too directly. There are times when it would be wise to leave certain matters for another day.

Think back to the last time you did something really well. Even when you succeeded you did not always know exactly how things would turn out when you started off, or were part way through. Trust that any uncertainty you are facing today will eventually fade away. Be confident about what you are doing and how things will turn out.

Draw upon your experience to help you figure out how to deal with a tricky situation at the moment. There could have been different ways for you to handle matters, yet there is no point in trying to turn back the clock and wish that things were different. Deal with your present circumstances and trust that you will figure out the best course to take.

Have you been overthinking matters? That would not be unusual for your Snake personality.  It might be time for you to take a step back and see if things are as complicated as you have been seeing them. You could spot that there is a simpler approach. Do not feel that things really cannot be straightforward; the situation really can be that simple.

Sometimes you need to think intuitively in order to understand a situation. You already have a lot of information, yet what you really need is to find some sort of meaning to what you know. Consider the people involved and how they might be thinking in order to really understand what is going on. Imagine you are standing in their shoes.

Finding a tactful way to persuade others to cooperate is not as easy as it sounds; you need to draw upon your skills of diplomacy.  A lot of people think they are special yet you need to help everybody to see that the different skills they bring need to be slotted together in order for there to be a good team effort.

Quick fixes can seem very tempting, yet you are aware that, even if you can sort out a problem temporarily, there is a longer term solution which you still need to find. By all means patch things up, as much as you can today, but be prepared to look into a long-lasting solution. You may need to sweet talk some people to put up with less than ideal conditions.

Sometimes you simply cannot resist arguing back, yet you need not get agitated when you disagree. If you feel others are being a little manipulative in what they say to you, you are going to point this out. You are trying to make a fair point, yet be careful that you are not being heavy-handed about it.

If you are aware that there are certain responsibilities which you would rather not take on then you need to accept that a particular role is not quite right for you.  What is being offered to you is not really as good as it appears. If, on the other hand, you are prepared to take on more, then you can accept what is being offered. Think carefully about what you really want.

Whilst you might be happy to go along with a decision that has being made by somebody else, you do feel it would have been nice if they could have involved you sooner. Since others are not aware of how they have stepped on your toes you need to let them know. Explain the reasons why it would be better in future for matters to be handled a little differently.