Daily Chinese Horoscopes Monday March 30th 2015

The Snake slides in to take charge on a Monday. The deep thinking Snake can help you think carefully about your plans for the week ahead.


Remain alert to what is going on around you today. Your head might be full of all sorts of grand ideas, yet there could be some practical things you need to attend to fairly promptly. By dealing with what needs your attention straight away, you can get a few tasks ticked off your to do list and find some time to plan ahead.

Being intuitive is a gift, yet you need to be careful about distinguishing between when you are sensing something and making assumptions. If you have a sense of what somebody is thinking it will still be a good idea to ask them directly to make sure you were tuning in to them correctly. Their past behaviour might not be a sound indicator of how they are handling a current situation.

Your Tiger personality is not averse to taking risks. However, if you are going to take a chance on something today you need to weigh it up carefully, for it might have something complicated beneath the surface. It would be rather dull if you never did anything risky. At the same time, it’s important for you to avoid being too rash.

The time has come for you to say something, which might not be that well received. You are aware that you can no longer pretend that something is not bothering you. By finding a calm way to express what is annoying you, you will feel a whole lot better. Others will also realise that they need to do a few things differently in future.

Are you magnifying some of those little things? There are times when you do not need to examine all the details in such a great deal of detail. Even if others are being particularly pedantic, you can bring a different angle to the discussion. You could actually see a situation far more clearly by looking at it from a distance.

It’s natural to feel a little scared when you are about to embark on something new. Sometimes scary feelings can be helpful, for it prompts you to remain alert. At the same time, you need to make sure that your fears are not being blown out of all proportion. Think about what is prompting feelings of fear to come up.

If you are aware of how others might be feeling you can gauge the general mood. If you sense that there is a lot of insecurity in the air, could it be everybody is being overly wary of everybody else? You could be the one to set a more positive tone by reminding everybody that each person can focus on their own strengths.

You are not sure which way to turn. There are reasons for going in one direction, yet there are also another set of reasons to head in the opposite direction. Rather than get confused dashing back and forth, use some time today to stand still to think about which way it would be better to move to achieve your longer term goals.

Whilst you might feel exasperated about having to re-arrange the next few days, it could be that today’s disruption is making you think more carefully about what you need to do. Sometimes you need to remain flexible in order to make the most of a situation. Altering arrangements can often give you a chance to do things better than before.

Sometimes it’s wiser not to argue. Even though you might know that you’re right, choosing not to engage in a fruitless battle will mean you can save your energy for working on something which is far more meaningful. If others want to make their points simply let them. You know they will find out in time that they were going along the wrong track.

If a decision is yours to make do not feel you need to discuss it with others. It might be that you need to find some expert guidance. Find the right person to talk to. Do not feel you need to gather too many opinions for you could easily become overloaded with too much information. Trust your own judgement of other people’s judgements.

Be watchful of confrontational moments. There will be those who want to kick up a bit of a fuss today. You can choose to remain calm, even if others start picking a fight. By not paying too much attention to those who are being rather dramatic you are taking the winds out of their sails. Ask them to explain their position to you calmly.