Daily Chinese Horoscopes Tuesday March 13th

Today is a Rooster day and the Rooster does clash with the Rabbit ruling the month. Be wary of misunderstandings.


When it comes to domestic matters, trivialities can lead to escalating disputes. Nobody is perfect and there is no need to be quite so harsh about your beloved’s small annoying habits. After all, there might be some small things you do that they are not entirely happy with. Accept that each one of you is a complete package, where the positive qualities outweigh the negative ones.


You might be called upon to sort out somebody else’s fine mess. Your reliable nature means that people will think of you as being the one to save the day. Although you can help others salvage something, make sure they do it with you as a team effort. Don’t let them stand on the sidelines watching with great interest with their arms folded


A misunderstanding can be made all the worse by you thinking you have been criticised and speaking as if you have been hurt. Observe and listen to what is actually going on as opposed to what you thought might have been going on. You might come to realise that you were not under attack and there is no need to be defensive.


Is it an honest discussion or is it a heated confrontation? Whilst it’s good to talk things over, if the atmosphere is too tense then the dialogue is unlikely to be constructive. Silence today could mean there is a more amicable discussion tomorrow. Mull over what you want to say, sleep on it and you can find the words that resolve the matter.


Someone could think you have a romantic interest in them, when you were merely being kind and helpful. Be wary of coming across as overly flirtatious, especially in a work situation. If in doubt, keep a bit more of a cool distance. If they are still not getting that you are not interested, you might need to drop some bigger hints.


Double check any financial transactions today to make sure that the correct amounts have been processed. If a payment which was supposed to be made has somehow gone astray do not be too hasty in trying to find who is at fault. There might not be anyone to blame. Do be quick off the mark to rectify any errors.


Someone, who is normally very supportive and encouraging of you, is showing some hesitancy for your latest plans. Whilst they might not be completely right with their pessimism, they could be drawing your attention to the need to show caution in some areas. Don’t feel they don’t believe in you. Do feel that they have a couple of good points that are worth listening to.


There could be some details which have been neglected, which means that when it comes to making a decision you don’t quite have all the relevant information to hand. What is most important is your awareness that there is a missing piece to the puzzle. If it is not clear which option you should take, then you need to find all the relevant data before you proceed with any sort of plan.


Although you like to things your way, when it comes to your romantic relationship you know that trying to dominate your other half is not going to lead to shared happiness. Today, know that sometimes you need to give way, simply because you want to make your other half happy. Solo Monkeys, remember that give and take is essential when it comes to looking for a new relationship.


You might feel that a situation which looked as though it was very much going against you, seems to take a turn for the better today. If you spot that your luck is changing then be quick to seize the opportunity to make something work in your favour. Asking too many questions is a sign of hesitation. Take action first, and ask later.


Are you wandering around in your dream world today? Although you can feel a sort of contentment about how life could turn out, when you realise how life is today does not quite live up to your fantasies you could start to feel a bit disillusioned. Dream your dreams and remember to also do something to move one step closer to fulfilling your dreams.


Today can feel like a confusing day. Just when you thought you had clarity in one area of your life, another area seems to be all foggy. You might not have the answers to all your questions, but if you aim to gain a new perspective on everything that is happening, you can begin to see how the way ahead will be clear.

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