Daily Chinese Horoscopes Saturday April 28th

Today, the gentle nature of the Goat ruling the day makes it perfect for taking it easy.


Can you tell when you need to have a really good belly laugh? It is usually when you are struggling to remember when you last laughed your head off. Today, if others are joking around, take things light-heartedly and see the funny side. Off-hand comments, made by others, are not meant to be taken that seriously, they are trying to be amusing.


Small disagreements can arise from time-to-time. There is no need to take things to heart if you don’t see eye-to-eye with a close one. Mountains can be made out of molehills when small matters get blown out of all proportion. If you step back far enough you really will see the molehill is actually quite small. Do not let a small matter fill your field of vision.


You have no wish to be miserly when it comes to having weekend fun, yet you need to avoid being reckless with finances. Set a budget and you can still have fun within your limits. Besides by exercising self-restraint with your expenditure, you won’t get a headache when you count up what you have got left in your wallet afterwards.


Your sixth sense about a certain character is now proving to be spot on. Resist the temptation to tell others that you told them so about this person. Know that others will be a lot more willing to listen to you in future, because they can now see what you were trying to tell them all along. There is no need to rub salt into their wounds.


If you imagine you already had what you wanted would you suddenly become a lot happier? Knowing your Dragon personality, you would then want something more, or something else. When you can recognise all the good things you already have in your life you can begin to see you have a lot of reasons to be cheerful.


Sometimes you don’t need to search too hard for solutions to a problem. When you allow yourself to relax, your whirring mind slows down. Before you know it, a new idea will pop up simply because you are not thinking so hard about things. Allow yourself to take things easy and you will easily solve a problem when you are thinking about it.



If you are faced with the opportunity of trying something new for a bit of fun, embrace it with open arms. You might think you need to get really good at something in order to enjoy it, but if you don’t mind not being a winner straight away you can have a lot of fun. Besides you could surprise yourself and others when you have a bit of beginner’s luck.


It can be a bit of a struggle for you to stay quiet when you can see that a close one is about to make an unwise decision. Your compassionate nature will want to stop them heading in the wrong direction. If they are determined in their plans and are not listening to your wisdom, the best thing to do is to say nothing more and see how well they actually cope.


Flick off that switch in your head that keeps thinking about things that need to be done when you are supposed to be taking a break. Spending time with close ones can be truly rewarding but you need to be present in body and mind. Trust that when you allow yourself to recharge your batteries, you will be able to be highly effectual when it is time to switch back on.


Today, you can come to realise that what was apparently an awkward situation has turned out to be something that you do not need to worry about any more. When you realise that some things are not as drastic as they first appear, you can see that there is no point in dwelling on dreadful scenarios, because it’s clear they are now not going to happen.


You think you are being loyal to as many people as possible, yet you have ended up over-committing yourself. This could end up as you coming across as somehow disloyal to somebody. If you are going to avoid upsetting somebody because you cannot be with them, then it’s better to let them know sooner rather than later.


If you feel certain people are making snide remarks about others, who are not in your company, then obviously you will wish to defend those who are absent. Whilst it is the right thing to speak up for those who are not there to speak for themselves, there is no need to repeat what was said about them. After all, there is no need for you to pass along other people’s opinions.

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